“Your kids will love this Saw figure.” So, too, must have been the calculation of the person who decided to immortalize the film Saw with little toys and figures containing 30 seconds of voice recording, because this toy is now available in quantity for — wait for it — US$2. A $2, 30-second sampler? Now that’s a bend waiting to happen.

Circuit bending blog GetLoFi in 2008 posted a detailed set of instructions for bending the SAW III sampler. Download the full PDF, and you can make one yourself, using the $2 part from All Electronics.

In the spirit of getting everyone in on the noise-making fun, our friends who organize Handmade Music Austin are making this bend the basis of their August event. As usual, you’ll also get a happy Sunday full of learning, making, sharing, and sounds. Details on the Handmade Music blog, if you’re in the Austin area:
Austin #10

What I love about this workshop is that it’s something a lot of people could do. I’m working on assembling a set of projects for beginners so that, if you are planning an event in your neck of the woods, you have an ample set of supplies. Ideas? Requests? Let us know in comments.

New York, we’ll be back on August 29; I’ll have some details later this week.

  • Tosh

    Very cool!

    anyone know if it's possible to order one of those in Europe?

  • hello lo-fi beat-repeat pedal!

  • aidan

    Hi Peter,

    if you are looking to for projects for a one day diy workshop, might i suggest looking at the 40106 HEX SCHMITT TRIGGER IC? it's cheap, and very easy to get workable noisy fun out of it. hook up a few pots and caps across pins and you've got a multi osc synth. oscillators can be fed back into each other for easy chaotic sounds too.

    casper electroncs drone lab is built around a single 40106 chip.

  • I'm definitely looking forward to the project list – we've had a couple of events in Cleveland so far: Atari Punk Consoles in June and contact microphones last month. I've got plans to do Doomsday board circuit-bending in the future, and these Saw samplers may be the next project after that.