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Image (CC-BY-SA) by opensourceway, who has a particular bias — but, as it happens, our poll can be returned on both of these devices. So there.

We hear your opinions in comments (sometimes loudly). Now it’s time to be counted. Which computing platforms do you own, and which do you use for music – desktop Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile iOS, Linux, Android? We’re not interested in what you don’t want to see (sorry, trolls), but we do want to know what you want to see more of. Connecting to the platforms you care about is important to CDM. This isn’t a popularity contest – I always enjoy the chance to write to an underserved minority. But it is a chance for us to look at who’s out there, and we’ll share the results. (It’s been a couple of years since our last survey, and a lot has happened.)

I’m not offering an incentive for this survey, for fear it might bias the results, but tell your CDM reading friends to answer – it’s democracy in action.

Answer now… Survey closes 11:59pm Sunday, August 8!

Direct link: [mobile device-friendly for iPhone/Android/etc.]

Want to register your vote on the visual side? See our parallel survey for Create Digital Motion.

Quad boot Macbook

We’re aware some of you like to choose “all of the above.” Photo (CC-BY-SA) foskarulla.

Embedded survey below. (RSS readers will likely need to click through to the site.)

  • "Thank you for taking our survey. Your response is very important to us. "

    well i feel loved now

  • this survey is a great idea!

  • @infradead: Oops, sorry, I forgot to change the default. Let me go fix that. 😉

    Apologies, SurveyGizmo upgraded to new admin software since I last used it. It's actually really nice, but I'm learning my way around.

  • Ah, yes. That's a BIT counter-intuitive… the text is editable in a section called "translations." 😉

  • y

    we want more adverts !

  • @y: Great! Actually, by astounding coincidence, so do I! 😉

    There's a lot of interest in hardware that's *not* computing devices, so what I have to find out next is what people mean. Yamaha Motif? Moogerfooger? Circuit-bent kids' toys? Wooden sticks?

  • Sasa Rasa

    @Peter: Exactly, in my case I'm really interested in some particular hardware. Korg is a good example of a manufacturer that "gets it". Its entire Kaoss line, the Wavedrum, monotron, etc. are innovative devices, relatively affordable, and offering a lot of bang for the buck to us creative souls.

  • "and behold there went out a decree from Petrus of Kirnicus, that all the systems should be . . . well, ok, counted" (biblical reference breaks down at this point).

    good idea – can't wait to see the results!

  • Jake Gilla

    What Sasa Rasa said. Not Korg specifically, but anyone who's doing innovation AND affordable products.

  • dyscode

    This site has always been about openness –
    which also translates into 'variety'.

    The goal is digital/electronic music – whatever means necessary!

  • @dyscode: Suffice to say, I'll be reading through all the submissions in the "other" category for that very reason. 😉

  • done.

  • That's the first survey in ages I've actually wanted to fill out. Are you going to do more?

  • zed

    all surveys should ask those questions.

  • rhowaldt

    the 'unicorns'-option should've been added by default for the miriads of people making music by stroking unicorns.

    their horn is electronic, so it's 'digital horn', instead of 'analog unicorn', so it's allowed on here, right? right? right?

  • I agree about hardware. Even if you have to fake the stories, I want to see more about new ways of performing live.

  • "Yamaha Motif? Moogerfooger? Circuit-bent kids’ toys? Wooden sticks?"

    I really dig the folk tek stuff, and other people write about them. But interesting 'bent builder highlights would be cool. Moogerfoogers are cool, I just would not necessarily want to read about guitar pedals. Motif, yeh, I mean, yeh. Well, I think any hardware synth or rack unit that is interesting and driving music creation forward. News on interesting new synths/samplers or just interesting uses of tried and true devices. Like someone who makes symphony music on an SP404. Also I enjoy the recent artist spot lights a lot. Most are people I have listened to (sometimes a lot) but its fun to look at it from a perspective I can only get from CDM.

    Love CDM!!! I really just want to keep reading about digital music. I personally would rather have a little less about mobil devices, but I see the potential and respect that their is a market for that.

  • Wilbo

    I completely forgot to mention it in the survey, because I suck, but it would be fun to read/discuss about pedal type effects here a bit more often. Seeing as a few relatively inexpensive units can turn a cheap consumer synth into a mega sound monster I'd say they fit in well with what a lot of people do here musically.

  • I also forgot to add something. Please cover lesser known software. I use a few lesser known tools and i think they are great. I'm talking about non-plugin software mostly in my case. Since i do not use any VST or AU plugins.

    Coverage of QuteCsound (and Blue) was a great thing. I'm sure there's plenty of great free or cheap software that i haven't heard about yet.

  • Charles

    maybe now there won't be a post about every new iphone app that comes out!

  • @xonox: I'd love to hear about those lesser-known tools you're using! (And otherwise, in answer to that – yes. Definitely.)

    @Charles: you confusing CDM with another site? (Incidentally, without revealing the results, iPhone ownership is much higher than I expected – but surveys says not all iPhone owners care about making music with their phone.)

  • Wooden sticks are wicked awesome.

  • Off-World'er

    Someone please bring on stage the dedicated Music/Media platform.

    Windows 'G-Au7' Graphics and Audio 7 a version without any incidental stuff you don't need slim, optimized for sound and video, customizeable gui, a bundled audio and video editor. Web browser, mail. That's it.

  • dn