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We got a first look at Griid, a dedicated Ableton Live clip launcher for the iOS platform, late last month. It’s now available in the iTunes App Store, along with pricing.

Not previously announced, there’s a version for iOS handhelds (iPod touch and iPhone). A free version lets you see how you like the arrangement, and the developers actually recommend you test the free version before purchasing one of the paid releases. (The free version limits you to four tracks and six scenes.) If you’re ready to upgrade on your iPhone or iPod, the version for those devices is US$5.99.

The iPad version remains the most compelling, displaying colored rectangles across the iPad’s larger screen – and it makes you look less like you’re texting while you’re playing in Live. But it also commands a premium, at US$24.99. At that price, I wonder if a few users won’t complain that other features (mixing, Device parameter control) are missing. $25 is less than the cost of most iPad cases, let alone something you use every day, but the question to me is which price point competitors chase.

The iPad and iPhone/iPod version differ in the number of clips visible at once, but both otherwise support unlimited scenes and tracks.

Curiously, right now the app supports only Mac, but the developers say Windows support is coming very soon.

More details and iTunes link:

In the interests of journalistic balance and being able to evaluate these apps, I’ll have to work on funding an iPad for myself, alongside my Mac, Windows, Ubuntu Linux, iPod touch, and Android setup here. I could maybe go busking with my iPod and nanoloop?

  • Scott

    So I picked up the iphone app. just to give it a try and I think the app works really well.
    I agree that 25 seems a touch hight for the ipad version so I will hold off a bit see if it drops in price before I make that just. but I really like this app as a cross platform, along with my apc40. Now I dont have to have the laptop in front of me to see what things are called and I can use the apc to get the buttons and knobs and use the clip trigger buttons on the apc for other stuff. and just uses this app to help trigger a glance.

  • Oliver Sumpton

    I just tested out the lite version. Darn solid little clip launcher, sweet interface, but extremely limited functionality.

    Make sure you check out LiveControl before purchasing Griid. It's TouchOSC + the unofficial Ableton API (mmM Python) and and it freaking mental awesome.. though a bit finicky. Sure the clip launcher is basic, but DEAR LORD it's got an full transport, track mixer controls, an uber robust step sequencer, AUTOMAPED RACK KNOBS (w/ lables) and more. It's nuts / free / go get it NOW 😀

    At it stands, 25 bones is totally legit to support sweet development, but is also kinda mental IF you are looking for more than a clip launcher.

  • Scott

    for me… and I can only speak for myself. I have tried a few of the other solutions. and the live control seems to have one problem I cant get over. It is so focused on doing everything that it does not seem to do any one thing really well.
    For a while I have been using TouceOSC and making a app that had 2 pages and with the apc I was able to keep things simple enough that I could really work at getting the most out of some basic tools that sound really good.

    I have alway found that once you get in the real world all the controls and cool stuff they do you may never really use anyway. Look at how simple glitch mobs setup really is. But it sounds great they have managed to get the most out of simple tools. I may switch to a setup that is just an app like this on an ipad and write a max patch to use my 256 to control other things.. My goal is simple but effective.

  • Michael

    I think the $25 price will definitely be worth it when Griid adds device control and mixing features. There are much cheaper clip launchers out there for the iPad. But this demonstrates that iPad apps are definitely heading in the right direction.

  • Josh


    the only problems I've had with LiveControl so far is me not realizing you the LiveControl configuration window didn't have to be open while I was trying to connect through TouchOSC and that when you connect to a different network you have to go into the config to change the IP, and then go into the preferences in ableton and turn LiveControl TO off and back on as a control surface. That said, the 4 dollar TouchOSC solution with full clip launcher, mixer, device editor, sequencer controls, and XY pad (I haven't figured out how to get the Midi Router to work yet) are plenty to convince me not to buy a 25 dollar app that, for now, is limited in functionality.

  • Ian

    I tried out the lite version and have since purchased the full version for iPhone. In the UK the price is £3.49. IMO it is a fantastic little tool – it carries out the task it is aimed at perfectly well. There is virtually no lag on clip launching and its very zippy to fly around. I currently use a Launchpad with Live and I was considering buying another for pure clip launching capability…. however I am now seriously considering buying an iPad for that purpose.

  • Ian

    I should point out that I use a few other MIDI controllers for live performance control of parameters, effects racks etc. I prefer having the tactile feedback of a physical knob for parameter control.. so I don't really have a need for the extra control the other apps offer…. What I am interested in is a well skinned, fast, easy to see and reliable interface for firing one shots and some loops. Griid delivers so for that. I will gig it in a couple of weeks and see where I go from there.

  • just my two cents on my blog:

  • HEXnibble

    @Josh: FYI, if you use bonjour names (for both your computer and your iOS device) with Livecontrol, there's no need to enter ip addresses every time you connect.

  • guest

    Live Control blah blah blah – guess what – IT DOESNT WORK, and there's zero support as well