Integrated Visions / City Eventions Projection Mapping (Stationary View), 08-09-10 from Integrated Visions Productions on Vimeo.

Part of the appeal of projection mapping to me is not so much the novelty of the thing, as its promise to take live visual art and free it of limited contexts. As with live electronic music, there’s a constant struggle to find venues, to overcome the economic constraints of clubs or the programming limitations of public and private series. Experimentation and change requires spaces that lend themselves to the activity.

So it’s always encouraging to see events like this. Here, a 20,000-lumen projector by Christie Roadster and a generator do the trick. (By the way, readers, since the Christie is discontinued, what would be an ideal 20,000-lumen projector for this sort of job?)

It’s not hard to imagine this lending itself to a live music performance; you’d just have to make up the price of the rental of the projector and generator. Alternatively, I could see innovative visual artists collaborating with rental houses as a way of promoting their equipment.

But the best part of this: they set up in 30 minutes. I do like the content they put together; it really fits this relatively simple setting for me.

The team, based in Atlanta, Georgia:

Produced by Brian Blessinger

Integrated Visions Productions:
Bryan Dodson: Technical Direction, Animation
Michelle Dodson: Animation Director, Animation
Adam Barfield: Sound Design
Tim Daust (Reelmind Studios): Animation
Neil Dearman: Animation
Robert S. Townsend of Professional Meeting Rentals: Projection and Equipment
Mita Beach of Professional Meeting Rentals: Equipment

We would also like to thank Matt Cerf for his help with the Projection.

  • gabbo

    It is not guerrilla at all when you have a 20,000 lumen christie roadster… 😉

  • Peter Kirn

    Fair enough. Maybe a pickup truck, some charged-up solar panels, and overhead projectors would be a better test. (I'm serious.)

  • I think it can be decidedly guerrilla, even without stealing the projector. If you have enough folks they can each make an investment in the art co-op. Guerrilla performance is fun — we did some in Tokyo using a car battery, a dc->ac power inverter, mackie, stereo pair, and an amp all strapped to two dollies. The laptops were in backpacks. It was perfect for Japan as we were compact enough to go by train. The car battery could last for 10 hours with our draw; much smaller than a generator but we weren't making daylight of the side of a building, just music.

  • I really don't know how you interpret the word "guerrilla", since is a spanish word and my main language is spanish hence my interpretation might be more "direct" yet I think we go towards the same. A guerrilla is a fighting technique that has operates over the basis of small independent self-organized armed groups, with highly developed skills and a thorough knowledge of the landscape and terrain, which perform fast and unexpected attack of high efficiency so to then vanish into their environment. So this is very easily extrapolated into art, hence it has nothing to do with budget yet it has a lot to do with transportability, easy and fast deployment and disassembly and then being able to hide, camouflage and/or integrate into the surroundings, so to not get busted.
    To this extent for me this project operates perfectlly under the guerrilla basis.
    I'd like to see more about how it was done in 30 minutes, because, actually, thats what makes it Guerrilla, yet its not shown in the video.
    and yes, the images shown are very nice!

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  • I really like this, but not sure about what the thirty minutes means. Did they create all content in that 30min as well? Or are they referring to the time it took for the projector to warm up and apply the mapping? Was there no modeling or measurements taken before hand to make the visuals apply properly?
    I don't discount the awesomeness that ensued… Just find the headline somewhat confusing. One 20k christie doesn't impress as much as a daisy chain of Tripleheadstogo with a few low power projectors. Guerrilla's usually have a bunch of small guns, not one big one. and lets see the mount! I've been dreaming of a turret mounted projector beam shot out of a truck bed!

  • Peter Kirn

    It's thirty minutes to do the projection. I wrote the headline, picking up on their use of the word "guerrilla"; I had no idea it'd be a source of controversy. 😉

    @Vger – I do agree generally regarding your strategy, but it sounds like they wanted to blast over some significant ambient light!

  • guerrilla or not.
    boring mapping !
    no new ideas !

  • controversy is fun!;)
    I didn't mean to be controversial, it was just a doubt that arouse because of my lack of my lack of understanding of what really meant the term for you.
    Have we reached a point in which mappings are lacking new ideas? I guess that for us, the nerds that care about this stuff, there's been nothing new for a while yet for the rest of the world a mapping can be something really impressive and innovative.
    regarding new ideas. Any idea about mappings will go? my guess is that it will go towards the integration with moving objects, realtime tracking and "understanding" of the projected surfaces and a lot of human interaction. Maybe it will move from building facades to pedestrians or moving cars.


  • I guess I just brought it up because I consider myself a Guerrilla mapper of sorts. Except with differences… Usually I use the most minimal of equipment (2007macbook+1500lumens) and map spaces for parties with almost zero budget and play for an average of 8 hours. Now the "attack" never really goes as planned but a careful forethought of options usually always leaves the eyeballs exploding in my favor. Although, recently budgets have been growing! 🙂
    So please understand my interjection into this convo. Any quick mapping project is great in my eyes… But to me a 20k christie equals a f-16 stealth fighter. Ambient light or not.
    A wonderful trend I think this post shows is that Mapping is becoming more flexible and the tools are ever more lovely with each page I read here at CDMotion!

  • Christie continues to produce the 20,000 lumen Roadster S+ 20k, as well as the even crazier 35,000 lumen version… There's also the Christie LX1500, which at 15,000 lumens is still a big blaster, and is much cheaper, being LCD as opposed to DLP. Barco's got the FLM 20 (as well as there own 30k lumen version), and Digital Projections has the Lightning 20k.

  • jim

    That's no guerilla, but the guys of AntiVJ are doing some amazing pieces of projection mapping.

    Very impressive. Worth watching.

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  • We featured Integrated Visions in the Atlanta MGFest:

    I think this is amazing and fantastic work. So glad to finally have some US projection mappers!!