Dancing in the park at Decibel, ca. 2009. Photo (CC-BY) zenobia_jo.

Seattle’s Decibel Festival has announced a packed lineup of artists, events, and workshops for its 2010 edition.

With growing events across the continent of North America, maybe it’s time to stop claiming the “only” event of the year is Mutek. (Nothing against the spectacular city of Montreal intended in that statement.) Flying Lotus, confirmed today, now leads the lineup of artists set for the Decibel Festival, and it reads like a lot of people’s wish list of artists. There are plenty of regulars at these sort of events (and some duplication, like the fact that Monolake and Robert Henke or Sepalcure is Praveen and Machinedrum), but then, maybe that’s part of the point: we have regular convergences of a wide slice of electronic musical output.


Flying Lotus : Modeselektor feat. Pfadfinderei : Carl Craig : Fennesz : Beats Antique : Monolake : Plastician : Murcof : VibeSquaD : Pantha Du Prince : Theo Parrish : Moritz Von Oswald Trio : Scuba : Ben Frost : Mary Anne Hobbs : Cassy : Starkey : Dinky : Eskmo : Mount Kimbie : Dan Bell : Headhunter aka Addison Groove : Kevin Saunderson : Catz ‘n Dogz : Bluetech presents Satori Social : Untold : Trus’me : Vladislav Delay : Ikonika : Distance : Oneohtrix Point Never : 12th Planet : Soul Clap : Alex B : Clubroot : Gold Panda : Robert Henke : NastyNasty : FaltyDL : Low Limit of Lazer Sword : Mark Van Hoen : Lusine : Tim Green : Mux Mool : Emancipator : Truckasauras : Luke Hess : Lorn : LawnChair Generals : Samiyam : Deepchild : Kyle Hall : Grouper : Sepalcure : Pezzner : Tanner Ross : Noveller : Monty Luke : Machinedrum : Eric Orr : Lawrence English : Shlohmo : Praveen : Rafael Anton Irisarri : sanso-xtro : Phutureprimitive : Disco Nihilist : Ean Golden : Splatinum : Michael Manahan : Incyde : Phidelity : Kid Hops : Kris Moon : audiopixel : Demo : Ben Tactic : Nordic Soul : PrEssHa : SunTzu Sound : Tracer Visuals : Ill Cosby : Introcut : Monkeytek : Ctrl_Alt_Dlt : Recess : The Perfect Cyn : Ramiro : Ryan Organ : Jimmy Hoffa : Lincolnup : Aksion : Press : Scott Sunn : Dash EXP : Sappho : Dirty : Lioncub : Surpass : Struggle : Grym : Just One : Zachariah Walker : TZR : Jeromy Nail : Adlib : Lukki : Jon AD : Energy Flash : Looptid : Menami : Deepvibez : Pixelflip : Kid Simple : Jagga Culture + more TBA

Some interesting-looking events in the works, as well:

*WORKSHOPS* (Wednesday through Friday)
DJ Tech Tools’ Midi Fighter : hosted by Ean Golden
Serato’s Scratch Live : special guest instructor TBA
Ableton’s Live : hosted by Dave Pezzner
Native Instrument’s Traktor Pro : special guest instructor TBA
Putting social networking and online promotions to work as an artist

*PANEL DISCUSSIONS* (Wednesday through Friday)
“Women in electronic music”
“Marketing your music in the digital age”

*LECTURES* (Thursday & Friday)
“The Age of Abundance” hosted by Robert Henke aka Monolake
“The Ill Methodology” hosted by Ill Gates


Just watch for vampires; I saw a documentary recently — oddly packed for such films — that suggested there are a whole lot in the area. Also, confusingly, it was named after a programming IDE.

I’m in Sweden that week (seriously, and not as part of a covert project with Propellerhead), but I’d love to have someone cover the week.

  • Covered? I got you. Where do I pick up my press pass?

  • Tom

    This is possibly one of the greatest line-ups I've seen for a festival ever.

  • I can cover it

  • Wooo! Splatinum!!

  • I can cover it!

  • 3DDD

    I love FlyLo and listen to him all the time but he is not the kind of artist I would ever want to see on a big stage… does not make sense to me.

  • Sys-hex

    It's like reading my iTunes library. Absolutely incredible.

  • Never a bad lineup at dB Fest. Can't wait for this year's!

    @3DDD – It would make sense once you're there. Trust me.

  • ah is there a ticket discount for CDM readers 😉

  • TechLo

    Cool to see that The Perfect Cyn is playing in that stellar lineup. She's a former roommate of my wife's, who spent countless hours lending a hand to Cynthia when she was learning how to spin vinyl. She has a fun weekly radio web show at http://www.wk.com/wke/radio

  • We've been working 8 months on putting this year's line up together and I'm pleased to say it's by far our best to date.

    I encourage anyone that is interested in coming out to purchase tickets ahead of time for individual shows if that's the route you intend to go. In particular the Neumos events are expected to sell out (Flying Lotus, Modeselektor, Mount Kimbie, Carl Craig, Monolake, Pantha Du Prince, etc).

    The dB Passes are a great value and are obviously the way to go if you plan on staying for more than a couple days.

    Hope to see you in September! Seattle is gorgeous that time of year btw (sunny and warm).

  • Awesome lineup this year, I already have my pass. Here is a video of Lusine playing opening night last year at the Seattle Art Museum.
    Mary Anne Hobbs spinning in the park, Fennesz and Vladislav Delay playing Optical showcases, and a local fav, Truckasauras, an 8bit party band top my list.

  • nylarch

    Agreed – I LOVE FlyLo's tracks but seeing him play live is just a massive overcompressed mess.

  • vanceg

    I know I'm pretty excited about this year's lineup. And, like always, dB has some great tech partners we'll be working with: bringing in some enhanced low end to some venues, bringing in our own sound at others, and running a few of the more experimental shows in quad.

    CDM readers might also really be interested in the conference and lectures, too!

    @Nylarch: It has always been our policy to make sure that the artists vision is represented properly at all dB events. I am a big fan of dynamics and, as a result, compressors and limiters are almost always completely absent from dB PA system! Yup, we try to steer clear of them entirely. If the artist sends us a hyper compressed signal, there isn't a lot we can do to bring back the dynamics…but I can tell you for sure that it won't be one of our PA systems crushing the dynamics! No compressors is a beautiful thing!

    vanceg (dB fest technical director)

  • nylarch

    @vanceg – that's pretty cool – kudos….

    I do have a feeling that he sends the signal that way though 🙂 Having said that the guy is incredible….

  • delmn

    @nylarch ? can only say, that Fly Lo was one of the best and most inspring live acts i`ve ever seen, no trace of overcompressed mess

  • lil Josh

    who are some other acts people are excited to see?