Sniff from karolina sobecka on Vimeo.

Right on cue, after mentioning that game engines like Unity can become powerful tools for live and interactive visuals — not just digital “games” in the conventional sense — here’s an example, via the Unity Twitter feed. SNIFF, by Karolina Sobecka with software development by Jim George, combines the beautiful, commercial Unity game engine with two free and open source tools — Blender for generating models, and OpenFrameworks for providing a tool for analyzing video input for interaction.

Yes, the model could have been done in Blender’s own game engine, or with more OF code, but Unity is a nice tool, too — and I think it’s a healthy sign that commercial and free tools can compete with one another.

Sniff system from karolina sobecka on Vimeo.

More information on this project, from 2009:

  • ofxOpenCV -> Centroids -> OSC -> Unity?

    The outcome is really nice and playful. Well done.

  • I HEART UNITY! I have been working with it for use in fine art installations and live performance application creation since before they had a free version. Now that I have version 3 its just that much better! Beast lightmapping is incredible
    Unity is SUCH a joy to work with- especially since I got it talking to Max/msp + Quartz Composer.
    My iSensorii project was built on it.
    also have some better videos of the project on vimeo