REFORMAT THE PLANET trailer from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

The journey to complete and release a documentary is a long one, but Reformat the Planet, a feature-length documentary on the chip music scene, has reached the other side. Focused on the hub of artists in New York and the Blip Festival, Reformat the Planet has had some significant success out on the festival circuit, and it’s the product of a talented team of producers called 2 Player Productions, who do some really lovely work. (Staking out a corner of the indie game world, they also have worked on the Penny Arcade video series.)

The DVD represents a more finished vision of the film, with a new cut, a new short (RTP “1.5”, excerpted below, with additional interviews from the past couple of years), a new audio mix, and bonus content.

The DVD set is US$15 and available from Fangamer. Sadly, no VHS or LaserDisc (and I’ve just heard from my sister that the family LaserDisc is working perfectly). Fangamer will also happily relieve you of the burden of additional cash and replace it with posters, pins, and other goodies.

Reformat the Planet 1.5 clip from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

  • electronic_face

    It's also available for purchase from the 8bitpeoples store, where you can also pick up the 1-Bit Symphony release by Tristan Perich, and your ticket to Blip Fest Tokyo.

  • kris

    i have it. i love it. just so you know, the bonus content includes video tutorials on how to get started with LSDJ and Nanoloop, the two most ubiquitous tools for music making on the Game Boy, hosted by Bit Shifter and Glomag, two of the top artists in the chipscene.

  • Polite

    I loved that documentary when they released it on the web a year or two ago. Definitely picking it up.

  • zyn

    whats the intense into song on the second trailer, i cant fiiind it! its like heavy doom bits

  • nrgiga

    Blip 2007 was great. Proud to have been part of it! (great group "clip" :D)

  • leakeg

    this has some serious 'spinal tap' potential, I'm sure I would have believed you if you had told me this was supposed to be a comedy!