Apple iOS Updates: Key Restrictions Removed, New Library Access and DJ Apps

(CC-BY) Yutaka Tsutano. In a surprise update, Apple has made significant changes to its developer agreement, coinciding with the release of OS 4.1. It would seem that Apple is in fact responding to widespread criticism of vague language and specific restrictions. I expect much will be made of what this means for Flash, but I […]

Rhythm Core Alpha: New Music Making App for Nintendo DS – DSiWare

With the recently-announced Korg M1 app and DS-10, the Nintendo DS handheld remains a surprisingly-good choice for handheld music making. A new app could take that further. Nintendo may have struck a blow to homebrew music developers by successfully blocking hardware that allowed it to run. But while it’s not nearly as open to development […]

- September 9, 2010

Rethink Drawing: A New iPad Interface Recalls the Ruler, Compass, 1963's Sketchpad

What should computer graphics look like? How should drawing on a virtual screen work? They’re questions we take for granted now not so much because we’ve found every optimal solution, but because we’ve grown accustomed to certain habits. Nothing against Adobe Creative Suite, but that tool would never have been possible without experimentation in user […]

Peter Kirn - September 9, 2010

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