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I’ll be in Stockholm the week of 27 September, speaking at Stockholm’s Android Only conference Wednesday/Thursday 29-30. I’m particularly excited by the lineup, because it emphasizes pushing the envelope of Android and cross-platform development. I’ll talk about how Processing for Android can allow “sketching” audiovisual apps on mobile. Martin Roth of RjDj will talk high-performance audio development. There’s also discussion of advanced uses in embedded hardware, cross-platform PhoneGap development, CouchDB and JavaScript goodness, hardware-accelerated graphics … all good stuff, and all potentially relevant to creative music and visual development not only on Android but future platforms generally.

I need to revisit Android on this site, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in the platform, MusicRadar did an exceptional round-up:
The best Android music making apps in the world today

I’ll have more information for everyone (whether or not you’re in Stockholm) in time for the conference on CDM.

But beyond Android…

Calling All Swedes! CDM is co-hosting a party Wednesday night 29 September at the conference venue in Stockholm, with .SE, Dialect, and most importantly the fantastic Swedish music mag Studio Magazine.

If you’re a CDM reader and music artist in the Stockholm area and have a project/studio to show off, and/or if you’re up for playing (with or without an Android device involved), please let me know right away, send some music/files/info, and we can discuss details. We’ll finalize the lineup over the weekend. I’ll also try to make a visit or two in my free time, limited as it may be.

  • Interresting I really look forward to read more Android related content on CMDM

  • Given a few minutes spent with the demo, RD3 also seems like a neat groovebox for Android. I dig how he did the rotary controls.

  • Absolutely… I think we'll finally have some reason to give the platform additional coverage.

    And incidentally, developers, take note – the mention of CouchDB, JavaScript, PhoneGap, etc., all have appeal beyond just Android. (I wish you could use CouchDB on iOS, too, but appears that's not really possible…)

  • unfortunately, my android device (a sony xperia x10 mini pro), still runs the old version 1.6 and has the low resolution of 320×240. while for calendar, sms, phone this is sufficient (this is primary what i bought it for 😉 ), it's not sufficient for most music apps. IF they run at all, usage is no fun.

    but even on this low resolution there might be usefull music apps. for example: i could imagnie a cubase remote control (like the one for iphone). how'd that be? volunteer coders first! 🙂

  • @derHa:
    Processing won't run on that device, *but*:
    the touch app I'm developing will (for simple OSC remote controls)
    and Pd will run just fine, so that'd be a fun sound-making toy!

  • Also, have you investigated custom ROMs? You might get a speed boost from 2.x.

  • dave

    this article comes exactly at the right time!

    helped me to decide whether take the i9000 or not 🙂

    processing and even pd on android is extremely interesting for me.

  • @Peter: sounds interesting! please develop faster! 🙂

    sony will provide an update to 2.1 from later this year (haha) themselves, so maybe i'll be lucky to get processing running.
    AND: mighty internet told me, that rooting the phone can enable one to patch the market. the patched market gives access to all apps (by default, the market on the 320×240 x10 mini shows only certain apps). some might work, some won't for sure.

    the article returns an error 500 currently here; where can i get info on pd on android?

    in general it seems that this android thingy starts rolling. i'm looking forward to the first (or rather: second generation) android tablets! these might give us some fun time!

  • dave
  • I'm working on more detailed documentation of Pd for Android, so stay tuned. 😉

  • dave

    oh yeah, im looking forward to that!

  • @Thomas: Yep, to get in the spirit, going to load all of this up on my two Android phones. I have to do something during the plane change in Switzerland to not fall asleep… 😉

  • Can't wait to see what comes out of this… Android is the better platform for music app dev in my opinion. If Apple doesn't include USB connectivity on the next iPad they lose IMO…

    Some/most of the new droid hardware looks amazing…

  • @Chili: … "better" may be a stretch, but it is a lot of fun. Another big advantage is that you can drop Android (or a Linux distro) on a $170 board and make an embedded audio device if you like. And custom versions of the thing could indeed be better for audio, with modifications… will be interesting to see where it goes and have conversations with more experienced folk than I. 🙂

  • TechLo

    Jealous, I love Stockholm!

  • Very Cool article, wish I could have made it.

  • @dave and Peter:
    thanks for the info!

  • Johan

    Oh great news! I happen to live in Stockholm, and would be happy to attend. And maybe even play some music with my group if possible.

  • Woohoo for the Android apps! 😀

  • jessedziedzic

    This makes great sense to anyone.