Mapping projections to shapes other than rectangles should be an essential technique, but while live visualism and VJing are all about being improvisatory, the process can be laborious. Enter an elegantly-designed tool that makes the whole job easy, distorting your projected image to any shape you like with the aid of keyboard and mouse shortcuts.

MapMapMap, for the Mac-only, semi-modular live visual and compositing app Modul8, has one of the most intuitive mapping interfaces I’ve ever seen. The app has come out of hands-on work with the technique, the creation of audiovisual duo lduun (video directors Bart and “Anome” Philippe). These live audiovisual artists and monome lovers show off their work with their creation in the videos below.

The same duo has also created a fantastic monome interface for Modul8, called, appropriately enough, Monomal.

[Audiovisual] Monomal V3 Demo from Iduun on Vimeo.

It’s great work, and now MapMapMap is available for Modul8 users to try. Give it a go, and let us know how it works and what you make.

Blog announcement:
The module is there : MapMapMap

Via the excellent French-language Le Collagiste

Download, documentation, and a fitting call for donations:

RINCK Mapping Video from Iduun on Vimeo.

[module] teaser of our brand new module from Iduun on Vimeo.

  • Thanks 🙂

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  • Tschoepler

    @ Monomal
    YES! That's definitely what I want to support with my OHM64 patch too. Nice ideas!

  • dave

    it's a pitty that it is only for mac.
    i dont want to support apple since they morphed from a good company in a bad company.

    but modul 8 and the covered tool seems very nice and will hopefully be adapted to other platforms in some way.

    the future is projection mapping… everywhere.

  • Modul8 Rocks!

  • Wow, thanx for this gem. That's by far the nicest module design I've seen in Modul8. Nice to see that while Modul8 itself is standing still, module developers are becoming more and more innovative.

  • damn. I would love to see something like this in VDMX…

  • Please! how do you map in Modul8!!?!?! I’m having so much trouble trying to figure it out!