Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross working together in their home studio, in 2006. Photo (CC-BY) Aaron Tait.

Lots of music hitting the inbox this week, from Reznor scoring a movie about Facebook to Ghostly giving away rarities.

Trent Reznor and bandmate Atticus Ross have scored The Social Network, and created a shadowy, throbbing musical landscape that I feel perfectly fits a biopic of geekdom’s dark underbelly. (The music mischievously asks, is it possible to be a bit seedy, lusty, and dorky at the same time?) They’ve also given away the first five tracks, and if you buy in the US on the 28th and 29th next week, you can get the whole thing for three bucks. Insert silly reference here to “hitting the Like button” or “friending something” like I keep hearing in the mainstream press every time this movie comes up. It’s totally going to be better than Pirates of Silicon Valley. (Okay, that goes without saying…)

Soundtrack: http://www.nullco.com/TSN/
News @ NIN

Our friends at Percussion Lab have been going absolutely nuts lately. Let’s first catch up with what they’ve been giving to us. Daedalus’ live set at the grungy, scene-y Santos Party House in TriBeCa is available for full download, a monome-powered, musical shot of energy drink. “I’ve been developing a little bit of a sweet tooth for tempo,” says Daedelus before launching into a frenetic live set.

Daedelus – Live from Santos Party Haus

NGA Multiverse Light Sculpture 5

Visual rhythms to inspire music: the light sculpture work of Leo Villareal, seen here installed at DC’s National Gallery tunnel, planted the seed for a wonderful musical mix. Photo (CC-BY-ND Mr. T in DC..

If all that sugar gives you a head/toothache, here’s an alternative way to go at PercussionLab. It’s a scintillating, glowing assemblage of “beatless” (but pulsing and vibrating) sounds made for an art museum. Nicely assembled, and fantastic for chilling or coding.

Melodic Shapes by James Healy (Escape Art, Air Texture)
Sound Mix for Leo Villareal at the San Jose Museum of Art

Repeating sonic structures, creating melodic shapes, may form iconic pathways into abstract thought. Nice work by James Healy. It’s a perfect match for Leo Villareal’s visual work.

Loscil “Fern and Robin”, Antonio Trinchera “Just To See You Tomorrow”, bvdub “I Knew Happiness Once”, Mick Chillage “Hypothermia”, Antonio Trinchera “The Wind Make Himself”, Schwanbeck “Glow”, Aquadorsa “Daylight Fading Into Evening Silence”, Ulf Lohmann “Kristall”, Antonio Trinchera “Voce Falena”, Ulf Lohmann “My Pazifik”, John Barry “Out of Africa”, Klimek “for Michael Gira and Vladmir Ivanovich”, Loscil “Hyphae”


Escape Art Melodic Shapes for Leo Villareal

Lastly, Burial and Kode9 assembled a set for the last BBC Radio 1 show hosted by Mary Anne Hobbs. (See that news, previously on CDM.)

Finally, some retrospectives from two titantic and well-loved electronic labels this month:

Ninja Tune turns 20, and also happen to be giving away an epic mix by founders Coldcut to anyone who registers for (or signs in) to their site.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of Ninja Tune coverage as they reach this landmark, but for eMusic users, legendary electronic music journalist Philip Sherburne chooses classics and essentials from their catalog. At eMusic prices, this could be a cheap way to round out your collection.

Starting this month, there are huge party events planned around the world.

And, of course, there’s the enormous, collectible Ninja Tune XX box set, as pictured above. You can hear samples on SoundCloud, below.

Heck, there’s even an iTunes app, though… well, to be honest, I don’t quite get it. It just plays tracks and tells you about releases, both of which your Web browser does just fine. Maybe I’m more old-fashioned than I thought; I’d rather sprawl out on the sofa with the box set and a pair of cans.

Ninja Tune XX Box Set Previews (CDs 1-4 only) by Ninja Tune XX

Not to be outdone, younger label Ghostly International has a free second volume of rarities which is hitting repeat in my player.

Highlights include Matthew Dear’s “Stab In The Backs”; Mobius Bands’ “You’re Wrong (Benoit Piouluard Remix)”; and Christopher Willits’ “Orange Lit Spaces (Electricwest Remix)”.

Those were some obvious choices; there’s more in my inbox and pile of things to hear, so watch for more, and keep it coming, music makers.

  • This might be the first oscar nominated movie with a chiptuen arp in it.

  • Thanks for the mention Peter. Actually we're not having it this week, on account of Decibel Festival. Speaking of which, are you going?

    At any rate, looking forward to having you over for the radio show soon!

  • electronic_face

    I'm not really interested in watching that Facebook flick, but I'm always interested in hearing anything Trent Reznor. Thanks for the heads up, Peter.

    Also, hey, I liked Pirates of Silicon Valley. : )

  • Hey, Noah Wiley and Anthony Michael Hall were each pretty inspired casting.

  • Machines

    The Burial/Kode9 link is broken. Just a heads up, Peter 🙂

  • SynthNerd

    Not a big deal , but as a total nerd face I must correct the caption …that was pic was taken in a make shift studio on tour in a hotel as they were recording yearZero and NiggyTardust 😉

  • SynthNerd

    Also as a total nerd I must point out my typos ! lol

  • s ford

    Shame NIN are making a soundtrack for a film which looks like SUCH A MASSIVE TURD.

  • great collection seems to be (yoda style)-

  • Random Chance

    I for one liked "Pirates of Silicon Valley". Let's see when this new movie comes to me and whether it holds up. But I'm biased anyway: If I wanted to see a movie about people who get rich fast with a product that nobody really needs yet still fulfills a very basic human desire (or two) than I'd watch one of those grungy flicks about drug dealers.

  • The burial link's error actually comes just before that link: href="Escape Art Melodic Shapes for Leo Villareal (missing the url and second quote so it breaks everything until the opening quote in the following link for Burial/Kode)

    Here's the link for the html averse:

  • Looks like Peter fixed that link btw =-]