I was pleased today to happen across the landmark Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim Museum building, peering out at me from YouTube’s logo today. See above for some fantastic, inventive projections mapped to the most famous architectural spiral on Earth. YouTube is also doing a live video event. It will, naturally, require darkness here in Manhattan.

Tune in to http://youtube.com/play at 8pm ET (New York) for the full live streamed event! Music, collaborations, art and incredible video. This video is just a taster of the exterior projections, on the facade of the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

YouTube Play: Live from the Guggenheim will celebrate the 25 videos selected by the jury for YouTube Play: A Biennial of Creative video.

8pm ET (New York)
1am (Oct 22) London
2am CET – Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, Rome
4am Moscow
9am Tokyo
11am Sydney

  • robduro

    SanctionedArray is an online database of video art conceived in response to the restrictions of artists’ submissions to The Guggenheim Museum's and YouTube's video biennial, Play (www.youtube.com/play). Artists’ submissions to Play are limited by OFAC sanctions (www.ustreas.gov/offices/enforcement/ofac/programs/) — where citizens or residents of Belarus, Cote d'Ivoire, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Myanmar/Burma, and Zimbabwe are not eligible to submit their work. We maintain that the application of these OFAC sanctions to virtual transmissions of video art perpetuates the causes that led to the imposition of them; and we invite those who wish to protest the continuity of such restrictions — artists of any origin, including those from the sanctioned countries — to submit their work to SanctionedArray.

    We hope to showcase the most notable and varied video works from creators anywhere. Submission of virtual entries to SanctionedArray, follow online video formats proposed by YouTube and The Guggenheim, except for Eligibility 1.d. (www.sites.google.com/site/ytplayterms/all). A large number of invited art professionals shall serve as jurors in SanctionedArray by rating the online entries in a process and open source code created and generously provided to us by apexart (www.apexart.org). One hundred videos will be selected from the online entries to be showcased online. The selection criteria are not predetermined in the call for submissions, and will be calibrated by the jurors in the process of selection.

    SanctionedArray’s selected video entries shall also be launched at the screening event on October 25th, 2010 at The Big Screen Project and on October 26th, 2010 at WHITE BOX in New York City. This event shall coincide with the Play biennial at The Guggenheim New York, extending representation of video entries considered not eligible by Origin, by YouTube and The Guggenheim, “challenging a status quo,” as proposed by Nancy Spector, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, The Guggenheim.

    A roundtable on October 26, 2010 starting 7 PM, with esteemed artists, curators, and legal experts will provide an opportunity to discuss terms, conditions, and consequences of both Play and SanctionedArray.

    At SanctionedArray, we look forward to having “everybody play.”

    To submit your work, please go to http://www.sanctionedarray.specifyothers.com. Submission deadline is October 22nd, 2010 EST.

    Conceived and organized by SpecifyOthers in collaboration with WHITE BOX and co-presented with ArteEast

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    love this building but boring mapping, boring content …

  • yo peter!

    how come you avoided vimeo's festival + awards + crazy mapping ?

  • The vimeo festival stuff was alright, very technically well done..the first time i had seen projection mapping in person really. I found out it seems like it works better on a small youtube video…in person it doesn't look as convincing when your eye has more dynamic range so I had lost a little faith in projection mapping.

  • comment

    In the exterior the final image being projected was a single plate at 4096×1024 – The 3d renders were 4500×3368 out of c4d – Really only had 3 weeks with few(two artists) people dedicated to the project – I disagree with Blair, I've been to many projection mapping events and if your resolution and lumen count is high then everything on the building looks like sharp animated neon, You can have great animation but if it's not bright enough it looks like mud on the wall –

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