If you’ve wished you could use your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as a remote control for Logic, now’s your chance. And touch control continues to evolve as an additional option for manipulating music software, alongside good, old-fashioned knobs and faders.

Handheld wireless touch control is certainly coming into the mainstream. As we see new controller integration in tools ranging from Ardour to Renoise, Apple quietly added support for iOS touch control in an update to Logic.

One line in the release notes says it all:

Supports iOS control surface apps that utilize the OSC protocol.

Logic Pro 9.1.2: Release notes

— or, to put it another way, that’s all they say. Fortunately, Sam Greene has written up a great little tutorial / first impressions:
Control Logic using your iOS device – Officially.

Basically, select the awesome TouchOSC app and your device under Control Surfaces, and automagically unlock access to mixing controls and automation. It’s nothing revolutionary, but these devices make perfect remote controls. It’s also nice to see this kind of control as something that’s evolving independent from individual apps. That is, instead of having to buy an app for each software you own, just as with MIDI, there’s some interoperability.

It seems to me that the next logical step is to begin to introduce some standardization to the way in which DAWs and touch controllers interact. But before we get there, this kind of solution is a good place to start; I think without playing with this stuff, it’s hard to know what a “standard” of some kind (lowercase “s”) would look like.

Speaking of playing, let us know how this works for you.

Thanks, Sam, for working this out!

  • It's working great. Much smoother than the AP-7, and no need to dick with any fidgety little applets. Logic's Control Surfaces panel auto-detected my iPod in a flash. Nice UI with big controls make it surprisingly easy to tweak plus-ins with many paramaeters. Still feeling things out, but I'll post more later today at my blog, sonic gore.com.

  • Franco

    Yep, finally!

    – Thank you Sam!! ( and Peter )

  • petterw

    I tried this the same day as it was released on my iPad and Mac Book Pro, Logic recognized my iPad instantly. It seems like a great solution, lots of faders and controls, also included is control over Logic´s internal plug – ins and 3d party plugs (…!…). It seems to be a worthy contender for my Novation/Automap set – up….

  • vanceg

    Oh my oh my. How about it all y'all other DAW and 'live' audio software companies: How about supporting OSC directly!

  • griotspeak

    This is hot and frustrating … all at the same time. I am getting more than a little bit annoyed with all these "half in half out" gestures by DAW developers. Reaper and the likes did this in a 'more correct' manner, in my opinion. Support the protocol, not a new device or two using the protocol. I want to swim in documentation of possible OSC calls instead of trying to 'figure out how TouchOSC does it.' This feels more like they have given a series of riddles in place of a gift. 1."what messages is TouchOSC sending (easy to figure out) 2. what else can i send (almost impossible to figure out definitively) 3. is apple open to adding more? how did they decide what went in? can we influence what will go in?? (… the great white whale)

  • Exactly what Girotspeak said.
    I found the lack of standardisation to be incredibly, massively frustrating. Everything *nearly* works. In the end I gave up.

    It wouldn't actually be that hard. Just agree on a pretty basic standard for things like transport and mixer control. Implementations can still do their own thing on top of that, but the basics would work.

    At this stage it would only take to two separate DAWs to agree on a single standard and it would probably gain enough traction to take off…

  • mediawest

    the more i see logic the more i want to switch from avid PT. and i have working with PT since sound designer…. the issue i have is that i can go from studio to studio and get right to work with PT… but every update and feature logic becomes makes me mad that avid is so slow to implement anything new…..

    i know many guys using logic, but we always have to transfer the work to PT at some point……. yuk….

  • I spent all morning working with Logic and TouchOSC. The interface is lucid and attractive. It's easy to get around thanks to controls that remain constant regardless of screen view. No perceptible time lag. Many functions that you could do with previous controllers, but never bothered because it was such a pain, are now fast and intuitive. Software instrument and plug-in control are excellent. Apple and Hexler kicked serious ass with this one. (More details and pics at sonicgore.com)

  • vaikl

    Look Ma! I've got a 60mm Autofader for Logic on my ipod!!!:-))

  • vaikl

    Jeehah! Just encountered the FX/Plugin and the direct EQing section, it's amazing!!

  • RayFlower

    This is very interesting for me, but I'm wondering, never used osc myself, can it be used to control instruments or seamlessly stretch samples like bebot would?
    Because a easy way to do that in a daw is what i really feel daws lack these days vs standalone touch apps.
    Pardon my potential ignorance.

  • jonah

    Can you you use idevices? It would be a great way to work with friends.

  • jonah

    Multiple idevices I mean.

  • Mrk

    Yes, you can use multiple iOS devices. They each show up as control surfaces. I'm thinking I can give up my trusty US-2400 and replace it with a couple of ipads.

  • Geoff

    Its very cool and works well.
    Does anyone know where I can find a list of commands to input into the TouchOSC editor to create my own templates?

    I have tried inputting the same names from the given Logic templates and that works but it would be easier to have a dedicated list.


  • Mike

    Agree, that dedicated list would be nice. Anyone have success using the other OSC templates in Logic?

  • naph

    do you think it's possible to add a tab to the logicpad template featuring a virtual midi keyboard/drum pads (a la livecontrol?)
    would be great for sketching ideas on the go..

  • Mike B.

    I have an iPhone, and would be especially interested in controlling plugin parameters (including 3rd party plugs) from my phone with little or no setup.

    Looks pretty clear that you can do this with the iPad version of the app, but I haven't found any information that shows for certain whether you can do it with the iPHone/iPod. Anyone out there with personal experience want to chime in? Thanks!

  • griotspeak

    @Mike B
    that first pic is for the phone.