Moog Music have been busy. Yes, they’re making an iPhone app, but for hardware lovers, there’s also the Slim Phatty, a rack-sized rendition of the Little Phatty announced last week. US$849 list, fourth quarter of this year; Synthtopia reports an $800 street.

What does the Slim Phatty get you? Like the Little Phatty, it’s basically a 2-oscillator analog monosynth with lots of onboard controls and connectivity.

  • 2-oscillator Little Phatty sound engine, with the Moog Ladder Filter and Control Voltage input
  • 17″ width, USB, MIDI, CV, external audio processing
  • New Tuning Scale feature and editor for alternate scales, microtonal scales, etc.

Slim Phatty product page

I like that Tuning Scale feature; I hope to see that on the Little Phatty and not just this Littler Phatty.

The other addition – a bunch of new presets, all available on SoundCloud:
Slim Phatty Sound Samples by moogmusicinc

It’s not a bad deal by any means, though there’s a certainly appeal to the Little Phatty being an integrated instrument with a keyboard you can tote around.

This is about the time where we all do a comparison with, say, Dave Smith Instruments. DSI can get you a mono analog module for as little as US$399, and an entire keyboard for $799, in the Mopho range. Pluses for the DSI: their units are smaller, and you have the option (on the Evolver) of mixing digital and analog oscillators. What DSI doesn’t offer is control voltage input, however.

In other Moog news, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that you can now get the Filtatron on which we reported early last week. US$4.99 on the iTunes store. I could ask profound questions about what this means, but I’ll leave it at this — it’s a nicely-designed tool, a terrific mobile sampler and sound designer when you’re not in your studio, and shows its colors as a real collaboration between software developer (Christopher Wolfe) and the Moog team.

  • BARF

    $800? I could get an OP1 for that!

  • BARF

    It was a joke.

  • BARF

    Forgot my emoticon, should have been:
    "$800? I could get an OP1 for that! ;)"

  • Mike

    I suspect that when enough of these are eventually acquired for me to have a nice PolyPhatty, Moog will release the long awaited (and supposedly in development) polyphonic mystery.

  • Ben

    A question for Filtatron owners: is there an easy way for simultaneous audio input and output (i.e. process external audio through the line in while outputting audio to speakers)?

  • Brian

    Well you COULD get an OP1 if they were ever actually going to be for sale…. But come on – it would NEVER be a Moog and having a MIDI controlled analog module with CV inputs (I don’t think outputs…) for $800 is a marketing sweet spot. It just may bring those of us with less $ into the Moog universe. Of course for $4.99 we can do that now with our our iPods 🙂

  • Greg

    $800 is for "those of us with less $"?
    Did somebody really say that?

    It would be very easy for Moog to start making things for "those of us with less $" (see also: Korg). But they're not. They are selling things to rich people as vanity items. This keeps the Moog name cool, which is really all they have left.

  • Greg

    They could even make cute little moog knobs for it and charge an extra 25 bucks.

  • electronic_face

    Rad. I have a DSI Tetra, and for me, some of the advantages of the Slim Phatty would be- 1. y’know, the Moog filter and envelopes (“the Moog sound”), 2. intuitive interface (especially love the LED rings around the knobs), and 3. it’s rackmount-able.

    You have to dig a bit to make a change in the Tetra (although there are 4 knobs assignable to whichever parameters you’d like). The fact that the Tetra is way more complex than the SP, but has less knobs, kinda stinks.. BUT, I’m sure it’s one of the reasons why they were able to offer the Tetra so affordably.

    The Mopho Keyboard actually does have a Pedal/CV input that allows you to use incoming signal as a modulation source. This Sonic LAB video shows an LFO on a Doepfer Dark Energy modulating the Mopho’s LP filter.

    .. I don’t doubt the Slim Phatty has greater CV usability, but it’s still cool.

    Anyway, I’m so happy another great product is being added to this price range.

  • electronic_face


    I think you can polychain them together.

  • ernesto

    @greg: why should that hurt my ego? my voyager would still sound the same…MASSIVE!!! now… 6 OSC for $2400 (3 x SP)…. sweet. seems like a great product!

  • electronic_face

    ^^ err– whoops, I didn’t mean less knobs. Just not as simple to navigate.

  • Per the moog forum:…

    "Hi guys! Busily working on Phatty OS 3.0 as we speak. This will be a major update in terms of stability and ease of upgrading… finally the LP (and Slim) gets a permanent boot-loader, so it will always be able to recover and try again in case of any errors during firmware update.

    OS 3.0 will be unified across all Phatty synths, so they will all get the same basic features including the new tuning scales option.
    A scale editor for Mac and PC is in the works, so users will be able to define their own custom scales and tunings. Right now this is limited to defining 12 custom intervals and setting the root note, so you can't do anything really esoteric like 19-TET or Harry Partch tunings, but you can do a lot of the alternative scales people use more commonly (pythagorean and meantone type scales, anything based on 12 tones/octave).

    It will take a little longer to roll out OS 3.0 for existing LP users, because it's easy to build the new Slim with bootloader already installed but more difficult to create an update process that cleanly updates an existing unit. We are working on this update process now, but we'll want to test it carefully before releasing to the public. Stay tuned, though… good things are on the way.



  • ^ "OS 3.0 will be unified across all Phatty synths, so they will all get the same basic features including the new tuning scales option."

  • Greg

    Korg Monotron-alike with a Minimoog filter.


    CV/Gate control, A/R eg, and audio input. 150 USD MSRP.

    Totally do-able. Would sell like beer with tits.
    Will never happen because it would hurt Moog owner egos.

  • Greg


    The MG-1 never had a Realistic badge on it for the exact same reason.

    Trying to tell me that Moog wouldn't lose market share if they sold cheaper synths is pissing on my leg and telling me it's raining.

  • Greg

    *had a realistic badge on it.
    Pardon me.

  • Polite

    They should add a feature for existing little phatty owners to connect one or more of these up for extra polyphony.

  • Polite
  • Mike

    @ Greg. So you think that Moog sells overpriced synths. I agree with you somewhat but strongly disagree that they could produce a monotron like device as you described within $150. That is simply not reasonable since THEY KEEP MANUFACTURING IN THE UNITED STATES. It has nothing to do with egos and everything to do with the cost of production and quality of their hardware. If you came here to moan about how Moog products are too expensive and all that why don't you either try saving money for instruments or download free VST's. Making music today is more affordable and accessible than it has ever been so I truly do not understand why so many people complain about hardware (READ…HARDWARE) synths being too expensive. If you want quality instruments that are inspiring then you have to pay to play.

  • electronic_face


    Hrm… I'm not sure.. That thread is almost two years old, maybe an OS update has changed this? Check these more recent threads.……

  • joxer96

    @Greg Moog selling to rich people as vanity items? I'm not sure how old you are, but seems a lot of the younger generation isn't aware just how expensive synths were in the past. A new Prophet 5 was $4500, a Korg MonoPoly was $1500. And those were 70's/early 80's dollars! I won't even get into modulars which could end up costing as much as a home back then. I'm most definitely NOT rich, and think the $800 price is right on target.

  • epiphanius

    As they say on the muffwiggler forum:

    I will buy the fuck out of this.

    I was in the market for a Dark Energy or Oberheim SEM. That has all changed. CV alone on a Phatty costs $300. This offers a whole lot for a competitive price.



  • epiphanius

    Oh. No CV out.


    Still neat though.

  • Greg

    @ everyone trying to tell me how great it is that Moog makes things in the US for cheaper than people used to.

    1) Made in the USA doesn't mean "Made in a not-sweatshop competently" the way people seem to presume it does.

    2) Just because a situation is better than the past doesn't mean it's good.
    We can treat AIDS dramatically better than we could in 1985.
    Having AIDS still sucks.

  • Greg

    I found at least one very nice condition Korg MS-10 for less than 800 bucks . . .

    Must be nice.

  • Mike


    So having hardware synths available at lower costs is akin to the development of treatment options for AIDS? FACEPALM!!!

    Since you are complaining about an $800 Moog synth you better notch out some time in your schedule because there are quite a few other manufacturers which you must disagree with on pricing.

    Or you could just use a cracked copy of Fruity Loops on a stolen PC and MIDI controller. Would that be cheap enough for you?

  • CHoc DOnut

    $800 is pee in the wind if you make a real track with it. And your chances are far better than with a $600 ipud and $200 in throwaway digisynth apps. Plus this thing actually has real outputs.

  • Forgot to mention in the review the slim phatty has vco and the dave smith stuff is all dco. there is a difference. also, the slim phatty has to warm up for 15 min. so the vco's are kept very well tuned though moog's new design.