I covered the OTO Machines Biscuit early this year, in particular noting the design process of creating new hardware. Hardware today is back with a vengeance, but with the flexibility of software: the gear is contained in a single object and interface, but can be upgraded just as computer code on a desktop can. Sure enough, OTO are back this week with a series of updates, which are easier to watch and hear than to talk about. See the video above for four new effects and various other improvements, available as a free firmware update and delivered (oh, the retro glory) via SysEx.

It’s quite a success, too, for a boutique offering. 300 units have already sold, say OTO: “200 more will be available in November, with 150 already sold from this next batch.”

It’s love in a digital age.

OTO Machines BISCUIT: 8-bit + Analog Filter Effect; Designing New Hardware

Official site:

  • hater

    Thanks for posting this! I would have never checked their site expecting a software update. I can't wait to try out that new envelope!

  • ambient8

    The Biscuit looks like a great little box, albeit a pricey one.

  • flame-fuel:

    Biscuit vs TE OP-1

    (maybe throw $400 on the Biscuit side to compensate for the price imbalance)

  • @zeroreference: I think they work out to about the same price in USD. EUR442.30 and that's without VAT.

    No need for flames; these are devices with some similar design philosophies. The OP-1 does a whole lot more, but some of the far-out digital effects give them some common aesthetic ground. Then again, the OP-1 has its own effects, so I don't know that it'd need a Biscuit.

  • Polite

    <3 <3 <3 So much love for my biscuit. I managed to pick up number 297. Looking forward to getting home and trying out these additions.

  • Greg

    Are we cheering about a synthesizer getting a firmware upgrade?


  • blue_lu

    the biscuit is amazing! beside my sp303 my only outboard gear (everything else is live8). as the article says: love in the digital age…


  • Op-1 through Biscuit=Hipster Wet Dream!!! Haha, really though I want both.

  • Sommer

    Finally I can envelope follow my life!