I’m happy today to introduce a new Create Digital Music, a new Create Digital Motion, and a new community called Noisepages.

The design this week represents a collaboration between Richard Bailey (aka musician proem), who designed and coded the site, graphic designer Nathanael Jeanneret, who conceived and designed the new layout and identity and graphics assets, and myself. We’ve built what I’m already finding a better platform for CDM’s stories, one I look forward to seeing every morning. Aside from how it looks, it’ll be a vastly more flexible and powerful platform for everything we do.

Just as importantly, I’d like to introduce Noisepages. CDM has always been driven by the community of people around it, and your ideas, advice, and creative work. A couple of years ago, we set out to build a community built on writing and creating, and not only social networking and chat. Built on BuddyPress and in beta today, Noisepages is:

  • Groups: Gather with other interested folks and chat on forums, share events, and soon other information.
  • Blogs: WordPress-based sites where you can chronicle your latest music, VJ reels, Ableton sets, Pd patches, circuit bends – whatever it is.
  • Social features: Make intelligent connections with other people and stories, and consolidate information from other networks.

Because there are so many excellent specialized forums out there, we hope to make Noisepages a place where we can come together and share. The site will be free and ad-supported; we’re also working on pricing for features like additional storage and keeping ads off your site if you don’t want them.

Blog data is yours to freely import and export via WordPress, and we want to contribute back to the community the code we develop and the things we learn. That means being relevant to those of you already using your own self-hosted WordPress sites.

For their work on both these sites, special thanks to Jaymis Loveday, who helped conceive Noisepages, to Jaymis, Cal Wilson, and Matt Ganucheau for their development work, and to Wallace Winfrey for helping guide our server infrastructure.

Rollout and adjustment of both CDM and Noisepages will continue over the next few days, and there’s plenty more to say, including what we’re learning about HTML5 and BuddyPress and how Noisepages works. But for now, I’m excited to have the new site out in the world.

I look forward to what’s next.

Lastly, below, a video interpretation of how I hope the launch doesn’t go:

  • andrew zero

    Nice new loook and format.

  • Human Plague

    Congrats, looks great!

    Are you still ironing out the glitches, is there a way to report bugs if found?

    For example, I posted to the "Trackers for live performance" group today, but can't seem to find where it ended up. I also don't see the old posts from last week… Is it ordered in reverse, or something?

    Also, I'm typing this comment (in Safari), it's longer than the provided textarea, and the scrollbar isn't appearing.

    Anyway, good luck with the new CDM. Seems cool.

  • Peter Kirn

    @Dac (Human Plague): We're definitely still ironing, but defect reports welcome! Groups functionality right now is awaiting some last CSS adjustments… and is suffering some issues.

    No scrollbar on the text area; I think that's the desired behavior.

  • Very clean look so far, i dig it.

    One suggestion i'd make is have either the main story area in a window of some sort or have the right column stuff floating, so that when you scroll down you can always see the tags, photostream and recent stories.

  • Congrasts peter !

    loving it ;D

  • Julià Carbone

    Congratulations Peter! Nice look!

  • Love the new design. The only thing I would suggest is a lighter blue color for the overlay text in the masthead (the article links that overlay the image) as the dark blue is difficult to read over the darkened image. Otherwise, great job.

  • New look is great. Good job to all involved. Nice to now have the Noisepage accounts linked to blog comments too.

  • aftermath

    Thank you for  and congratulations on all of your (plural) hard work and its results.

  • I love the new design and am really looking forward to all the nice stuff I'll learn in the noisepages

  • Nice! Congratulation.  Some really good choices here.

  • utm

    Excellent. I'm genuinely excited by the new design and additional scope this site incorporating. 

  • this is awesome!


  • Really liking the new design apart from:
    – the interaction of the semi transparent noisepages bar and the header box is visually messy
    – the dark text in the header bar is almost illegible (and then darker on rollover?!)

  • Great stuff, congrats Peter!

  • Wow, looks great. Hell of an upgrade.

  • Tom D

    Excellent, liking the new design. Looking forward to checking out Noisepages. Also, that just reminded me of Proem's Socially Inept that I've not listened to in years! Win 🙂

  • Great, I love the look and design. just a little suggestion: reduce the size of avatars, they're not so important and steal visual space unnecessarily…

  • I'll be the grouch and say I'm not fond of the visuals, had to bump up the font size to be able to read it at all and it still seems kind of bleh.  I'm sure I'll get used to it.

    Liking the community thing though.

  • Peter Kirn


    Which visuals were hard to see? (There are some issues with sizing of divs on the Noisepages side, most of which I hope to resolve later today.)

    What screen resolution?

    Which browser?

    Do you have anti-aliasing turned on on your system?

    Anyone with similar complaints, definitely be specific about your setup.

  • Marco Costa

    Great look and feel, Peter. I am avid follower of the site and the whole idea is more than great.
    ps..anxiously waiting my Meeblip!!!

  • Hey, a few things! The irony of the kraftwerk video is that it shows scroll bars in a frame and still doesn't play. But that's to be expected with a new opening. I'm really happy to see the community aspect of nosepages in effect here are some suggestions:
    1) For groups, it would be great if the founders had an option to "join forces" with other groups.  That way, the information would remain inclusive and more complete. For example, I'm already seeing that two Pd communities have been created. What's to stop me, for example, ignorant of the opportunity to look through the existing groups first, to create a 3rd Pd group, and some one else to create a 4th? As soon as that group list gets unruly, people are less and less likely to scroll through the pages to see which groups to join. A search function or tagging as you have it on the CDM blog might help, but an ability for founders to marry their userbase and merge the boards would be cool. 
    2) My avator picture could not be scaled. Just a big picture with a thumb size of the top left corner of it underneath, no tools to scale or move the center. I'm on Safari 5.0.2 btw.
    Congrats! I'm really looking forward to diggin in.

  • Peter Kirn

    To everyone – just FYI, we have a number of known issues we're ironing out on Groups on Noisepages, so suffice to say, things aren't quite right.

    Hey James – really? Can't imagine what would cause YouTube embed to bork here; got tons of them and can't replicate any problems. (hit reload? maybe a style is caching somewhere… odd? I find that happens)

    Group admin – couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, here we're somewhat limited by BuddyPress, but I'm going to try to get a group (like, real face-to-face group) to start to work on those problems. We can also create a little hook on the group creation page that would show what other groups are already there. There are some basic admin/moderation tools I'd like on forums that are missing, too.

    Avatar scaling: someone else just complained about that, not sure what's going on … looking into it.

  • NICE! congrats, it looks great!

  • octavio

    looks awesome

  • rawore

    my posts to the internal group for reporting bugs are not registering in the bug report group.

    on ie buttons are white, show label when white button pressed.

    the top header is too large. it scrolls page content out of sight.

    I cannot crop avatar upload, both ie and firefox.

  • rawore

    the registration for noise did not use the avatar you see here (gravatar?)

    the registration for noise returned after verifying, then would not accept the email pasted automatically as a valid id.

    perhaps registering on noise made a duplicate id? it was not clear to me whether i should use my cdm id, or not.

  • Peter Kirn

    Those of you using "IE," we urgently need to know which version you mean. IE users should see vastly improved rendering as IE9 becomes available; we've tested it, and it looks terrific, and we definitely set out to design things in a way that they're targeted on modern browsers. IE8 should work. Earlier versions of IE are likely not to have optimal rendering, it's true; we may provide a 'vanilla' fallback template there shortly.

    Thanks for the avatar cropping feedback; I'm going to check that out.

    I don't believe BuddyPress currently supports gravatars, so that's why there's an inconsistency there. I'll see if that's something we can add.

    You can use a Noisepages login to log into CDM. I'm doing some work on a better solution than what's provided, though, by writing a script that will better handle cookies and login redirects across the three domains.

    @rawore: easy, easy, mate… I sent you a message about that posting issue.

  • Hey peter this looks amazing !
    Proem !!! man I love your music, I did not know you were also a web designer.


  • Love the new look!

  • I was a bit surprised but it has gotten more functional. At least now you can switch between the three different sites easliy, instead of having to look for the small links. It is a bit slow though to switch. But the layout is great

  • Erm… Looks like the Crop Avatar page isn't working, or if it is, I can't see how to use it. Both the (large) original and the cropped version are just images, there's no "live" content (I don't know web terms, I can't drag the photo around, is what I mean).

    I'm on Chrome 7.0.517 on the Mac.

    Otherwise the site is looking great, love the groups.

  • congratulations! 🙂

  • Very nice Peter! I'm sure it's been a lot of hard work, but the attention to detail shows.  

  • Gilieu

    Nice layout Peter, i surf your site daily with my ipad and i made purchases following your advices, for instance machinedrum, dave smith's stuff iapps and so on…please continue like this and sorry for my poor english 🙂

  • Dig it very much, and knowing Proem was involved makes it that much more awesome.


  • Quick additional note: proemland.com does not seem to be working.

  • Anthony

    Indead it's look very nice.
    Where is the Reaktor part ?

  • Nice work! I've been reading for quite some time and I love the work you do!

  • the only thing that I don't like are the emoticons instead of standard text. Perhaps I just don't like the bitmaps being used.

  • cool man, always good to see new stuff for the community!

    Keep up the good work.

  • Great Site Peter 

  • Fantastic! The site is looking great and I think the new noispages are going to be a great success! Excellent work!

  • Amazing work. Congrats to Peter and all the team behind this great project!!

  • Change. We fear change. Looks great. Only recommendation I would have is to lose the background image or have it scroll up with the page. Very hard to read the articles when the type is over the swirly background page art.

  • it looks awesome! i agree about the header texts by the "Music" section being to dark. i also seemed to have problems cropping my avatar on Safari 5.0.2. 

  • Peter Kirn

    Avatar cropping appears universal…

    I hear the concerns about color in the header; we'll fix that. To me, Motion and Noise look fine, and it's just Music.

  • Peter Kirn

    @(noou): I don't know what you mean by "the emoticons." You mean the avatar icons, the faces and monsters and such, on the left?

    We're hoping to work on an alternative implementation of the monster avatars; it just wasn't, for obvious reasons, critical enough for launch. 😉

  • yea, motion and noise are, as lara would say, totes cool. 

  • vertigo! a new life!
    and NOISE!

  • We are all monsters!
    I knew it!!!!!!

  • Lucho

    What font are you using for the "look at our full archives" text? I need to know!

  • What a pleasant surprise!
    Congrats ( ;

  • Nice redesign! 

  • luming


  • teej

    Looks great! If you're squashing bugs, searching doesn't seem to work. Searches on both blogs yield zero results. Just a heads-up.

  • dyscode

    MMM. EVERYBODY LOVES WordPress 3.x and the new twenty ten theme 😀

  • Loving the randomly generated avatars in the comments.

  • J. Phoenix

    I'm resistant to change! *waves tiny t-rex arms in futility*

    Just kidding! Site looks great! Looking forward to seeing the community grow bigger!

  • Peter Kirn

    @teej: Was wondering when someone was going to notice that. 😉

  • Love the new look! It is fantastic, clean and vibrant!

  • dead_red_eyes

    Lookin' good Peter!!!!

  • Looks good. I agree with the following:

    Comments could be more tightly spaced (and therefore easier to read) if the avatar size was reduced.

    Cropping avatar pictures doesn't work.

    So far, so good!

  • Metatron72

    The new look is fantastic.

  • Thanks to peter for allowing me to continue to do a project "right" for a change.

    There's loads of tech details that we'll be rounding up ( for those of you that care ) once the dust settles… naturally.

    I personally really appreciate the glowing comments and feedback. It has been a labor of love for all of us involved and will continue to be so

    Now,… back to squashing our "known but shipping defects"

  • Holotropik

    Fantastic work! Good one 😉

  • i love the new design !

  • Really nice re-design peter & crew. Prompted me to sign up after years of quietly viewing and occasional commenting. Looking forward to getting much more involved in the future.

  • Leslie

    New Website looks delish 🙂

  • Charles Baker

    I Like very much the chance to pull the wide ranging audio/music/sound discussions away from the 'news', and into an authorized place.Too often I felt the news was used by many, including me, as a launch pad for riding our deeply beloved hobby horses, and real info about the issue-soft/hard-ware in the news was lost in the wonderful rush of opinions. By providing these blogs/forums for these large discussions, close but not *in* the news, the site will benefit greatly.

  • very nice!!!

  • I think there is a buddypress plugin for group admin management. 

  • Peter Kirn

    @durk: There is, but in my tests I couldn't get it to work.

  • Exciting changes ahoy! 

  • @peter_kirn not excited, am easy… 😉

    just reported details of site debug out here, since I couldn't see my posts inside of noise.

    Let me know when you want a coverage test, again. (I have "good at breaking things" on my vitae… )

    got your message from inside noise.

  • Johnny

    Dont worry about the ads Peter. I'll even click on them if it helps keep this site going : )

  • Peter Kirn

    We're gradually stomping bugs in Noisepages' groups template, which just wasn't quite done in time for launch; you can follow here …


    We'll also be talking about how we think we can make the BuddyPress platform more usable for everyone moving forward, not only for CDM/Noisepages, but for the WordPress community in general, and we'll contribute what we can.

  • @lucho the font for look at our full archives is Chunk and is available here:&nbsp ;http://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/fonts/4-chunk

  • Properly beautiful, i'm even quite fond of my monster!!

  • cr33p33

    looks nice.
    Anyway to block certain users?
    I find the rolex posts fekking annoying!!

  • The new look is superb, and being as much of an animator as a musician, I love having the family of sites presented together. Thanks for putting so much into this – it's a constant destination for me. 

  • at

    my only complaint is on chrome on a macbook at 1280×800, 2/3rds of the page is initially taken up by the headers. I found myself looking for a way to fold them away after looking, but can't. 

    maybe I'm being oldschool but you shouldn't have to scroll to be able to start reading whats new…

  • Mr. Kirn, I'd tried to get ahold of you via internal noisepages PM a couple times over the last year but couldn't seem to get through the old (possibly not even working) system. But THIS certainly answers most of the questions I've had. I'll be back in my bailiwick as of tonight. Congrats – everything looks splendid.

  • y

    nice one….very trendy…veyr Obama proud style…a perfect layout for all those ones who got at least a 23" monitor…and for those with heavy sights problems…but for me with a 13" this layout is just too much scrolling…thumbs down.

  • Peter Kirn


    FYI, I regularly use the layout with a netbook, so an even smaller resolution. My concern is that we might otherwise complicate the header or lose functionality, but it maybe something we look into later.