Black Friday rooster

Photo (CC-BY) Lululemon. (Bonus points if you spotted their logo, yoga fans, though “ohm” works well for us, too!)

Black Friday, named originally for the day on which retailers typically broke even for the first time in the year (think black ink), has become a holiday for sales in the US. I’ve seen a handful of deals even in our world of music making tech; here are a few of the best.

Native Instruments has a sale through Monday that cuts prices in half on individual Komplete instruments and effects. Note that this is just for a la carte additions; the bundles are priced the same as always. But if there’s a particular tool you’ve had your eye on, this could be a great time to buy.

Twisted Tools have a 33% off sale on for their unusual sound-making creations.

Apple isn’t keen on sales, generally, so this is their one of the year: you get modest discounts on computers, an unusually-good iPad discount, and accessory sales. Some of these are decent if you’re in the market, though you’ll want to compare against academic pricing if you qualify for that:
Apple Black Friday

If you prefer Windows to Mac OS, Rain Computers have a deal through the weekend on all their machines through Best Buy, with discounts of up to $200 off:
2010 Holiday Savings Event

Our friends at Dijitalfix (who host our Handmade Music series in New York) have set up a discount for CDM readers for $50 off the Danish AiAiAi TMA-1 headphones. I’m writing this up soon. Through Sunday, just mention CDM at their stores in Brooklyn or Manhattan, or to make life easier, they’ve gone ahead and dropped the price to $149 online:
TMA-1 headphones @ Dijitalfix

Spotted some other good deals? Let us know in comments.

  • synthetic 40% off sale 30% off sale

  • DJ TechTools posted a review of the TMA-1 a while back with some conflicting opinons expressed in the comments:

    The only issue I've seen with them is they tend to fall off the head easily, but that's also the case with most of the smaller cup headphones I've tried including some listed in the comments of that review/thread.

  • Apple has always chosen wisely which carriers make the most convenient discounts. In fact amazon has good discounts only on the 17"mbp and on the 2,4ghz mac mini. The best carrier to get great discounts is imo MacConnection.
    Does anyone know if the TMA Headphones are available for other countries not US? I'm italy and i really need to change my Senheissers. 
    If anyone has any infor please let me know 😉

  • griotspeak

    dontcrack has a group buy and audiomidi has some nice discounts going.

  • Yeah, Black Friday is pretty popular now, personally try to avoid most forms of actual shopping though, tends to be too crazy for me and the deals often aren’t really that great. So, it is neat that you are still able to get some pretty decent deals online now.

  • The TMA are a solid product. They’re very much similiar to the HD 25. I’ve been a dj for many years now and from all the brands i’ve tried i tend to chose the ones with smaller ear pads. Opinions may vary i suppose but for me that kind of model does the trick ;)!

  • George

    There is a huge Black Friday offers thread at KVR:

  • Dar

    Thanks for the tip, snagged a pair of TMA-1’s.

  • You can get the whole Kore2 thing ofr half the price. Means Contoller plus sofware! What a deal!!!!

  • is doing 40% off sale, including on Max/MSP (only on Monday)

  • Emmanuel

    So what's the point with the tma-1 ?
    Some people say it's the hd-25 but with a different loook some other says they are shit because they fall of your head when you moove.
    Don't know what to do but for 150$ it will be good to buy it because it's half the price i pay them here !
    Shit dilemna …^^

  • dude peter can you tell me what matters??