What’s truly wish-worthy? Is it a manuscript paper notebook? An iPhone app? A glitched-out hardware effect? A DAW? A sample library? A CD or book?

Before we put together some of our own suggestions for this year’s gift guide, we want to hear from you. You can add to your own wish list. You can add something you’ve gotten yourself you think someone else – or even a beginner – might want themselves. If you make something you want people to know about, be you a large vendor or garage maker, you can pitch us here, too.

There’s only one requirement: this year I’m absolutely looking for practicality. Sure, someone leaving a restore Buchla 100 Series modular with a bow on it would be nice, but there are too many terrific affordable choices to fail to focus on those. Be aware I’ll be skimming lots of answers, too, so get your elevator pitch right or find a snappy few words as a headline if you want our attention.

Enter the Google Doc directly, or fill it out here; form below.

  • 1) The Music of The Lord of the Rings Films: A Comprehensive Account of Howard Shore's Scores
    2) Radias EXB Card for Korg M3
    3) More time to write music
    4) YouRock Midi Guitar
    5) Choral and Vocal Samples

  • a 6 stringed midi guitar with proper note polyphony and/or one midi channel per string, that also tracks properly with an accompanying ebow.

    or a moog guitar. probably a moog guitar.
    a laptop so i could start gigging properly (desktops are heavy, mmmkay?), and a midi mixer with motorized faders, a shuttle wheel and a couple of buttons.

  • HordurM

    The Ultimate live rig!
    1. DSI Mopho Keyboard
    2. DSI Tetr4
    3. MPC 1000
    4. Allen & Heath Zed X
    5. Korg KP3

  • Realistically, any of the machines you posted by  Brian McNamara. Unrealistically, a monome 64 to join my 128 and probably "jealous heart" from flower electronics.

  • Stuff for live performances:

    1 – NI Maschine
    2 – BugBrand Weevil
    3 – Kaoss Pad 3 (KP3)
    4 – a GOOD promoter for my shows/material/releases!!

  • More electronics stuff made in the USA?

  • Cael Kline

    hi santa !! hope you had a good christmas thanks for the laptop!!

  • Cael Kline

    hi santa!!!!! i love you !!

  • Cael Kline

    hi kyle !!

  • Cael Kline

    can i have a ipad