TuioKinect from Martin Kaltenbrunner on Vimeo.

Post hacking, Kinect is starting to look like it could be a do-anything controller in the mold of Nintendo’s Wii remote. Martin Kaltenbrunner, of ReacTable fame, has already posted a convenient application that maps gestures from Kinect to TUIO. (TUIO is a lightweight set of message specs atop OSC, one that can easily be supported by any application and platform, and which is already used by a number of tools.)

The app opens countless musical and visual interactive applications. As Martin describes it:

TuioKinect tracks simple hand gestures using the Kinect controller and sends control data based on the TUIO protocol. This allows the rapid creation of gesture enabled applications with any platform or environment that supports TUIO.

You can download the application from:​

(Via Rui Penha.)

  • I love it!

  • Andros

    I love it. I want to download it but the link is not working.

  • hmmm, weird formatting causes that download link to fail…
    try this:

    if that doesn't work, use the link on the vimeo page:

  • Peter Kirn

    Sorry, copied the link from Vimeo without double-checking. Now entirely fixed.

  • Steve Elbows

    If for some reason you want OSC other than TUIO format stuff, Ive found it to be pretty easy to modify the ofxKinect demo source to send various OSC messages about blobs in the format of your choosing.  

    The Kineme Kinect tools for Quartz Composer are fun too, there are quite a lot of videos showing a variety of stuff using this tool on the vimeo group now:

  • Great post Peter. It is really exciting to see Microsoft launch this disruptive technology and then watch it go into the public "home labs" and generate a ton of creative uses. Retail and interactive displays seem like a no brainer for this technology. Keep posting!

    Cheers, Tim Reha – Seattle

  • RIley

    OSC + TUIO = teh sauce

  • Rich

    so inspiring!

  • Blen McWhoosit

    Anyone tried compiling this on windows 7?