For anyone waiting to hear some news, Avid is live-streaming their press conference from the Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention in San Francisco, at 4PM California time (7 PM Eastern). Okay, they’re not quite Apple – I’ll be seriously freaked out if CEO Gary Greenfield showed up in a black turtleneck – but it’s an interesting approach, and one we may see increasingly in audio tech.

I’ll have some news from Avid following the event.

Updated: It’s over, and now you can find out what happened. I’m saving this article to save our comment thread below about good Avid press conference drinking game terms. (Not recommended if you, for instance, do PR for Avid.)

Anyone really serious about following Avid, you can read the notes from their Q3 earnings conference call.

  • Since I work with PT for a living, I suppose I ought to be interested in this… 😛

  • Peter Kirn

    Got popcorn? Beer?

    Anyone want to propose an Avid press conference drinking game? (Shot every time someone says "open." Shot every time someone says "professional." Hmmm… that could be good at various NAMM press conferences, too.)

  • teej

    bummer, i dozed off a minute in and missed the whole thing. on the upside; i had a very professional dream.

  • Nick

    DAMN IT! I MISSED IT! Did anybody record this by any chance?

  • Greg

    Peter, you're forgetting:
    "Time tested"
    "Industry Standard"