There’s really nothing about this video that isn’t brilliant. Be sure to keep watching for the final line; it’s what I think is a transformative quote about the nature of music production. From Pork Magazine‘s Dick Flash – that outlet is of course better known in the UK than here Stateside. I could say more, but — really, just watch. Thanks, Paul Davis, and Wired Magazine.

There’s something about that Flash gentleman, too; he really is able to get inside Eno’s head.

  • Gold!

  • Wow, who's that hot chick playing guitar on his desktop? 😉 Eno: genius down to the smallest detail.

  • That last line pretty much sums it all up!

  • vlospa

    the stupid bloke doesn't even let him talk….
    worthless music critic

    • Denis

      lol..the guy  interviewing him, IS brian Eno..with a wig on 😛

  • aftermath

    Don't watch this. Go listen to Eno's music. This wasn't any good, and it certainly wasn't an interview. Eno barely gets a word in edgewise, and you learn more about his relationship to music by listening to his music.

  • that was so funny! i wonder how many times they had to rehearse that…

  • Peter Kirn

    Okay, some people are missing the jo —

    Uh. Nothing. Carry on.

    One tip: watch this video * very carefully * if you have to.

  • Ian

    Brilliant! Fantastic humour. I keep forgetting how much I like Eno as a guy until I see something like this again and I remember. Eno = Lad.

  • Bendish

    Funny. Come on people….have a sense of humour…..

    I have always found it ridiculous how important we feel music is. Its just other people's shit at the end of the day. To give it meaning beyond the experience of listening to it is insane. Ha.

  • Peter Kirn

    Actually, the fact that people thought this was real is pretty funny. 😉

  • Thanks for posting this. Amazing that they manage to keep a straight face. Lovely guitar sound.

  • Bendish

    Exactly Peter! Crikey!

  • avantronica

    they ! ?? they ?? … c'mon – Eno anagram is reqd … the "blank" and only !
    Get your eventide out for the lads !

  • Seems I am REALLY SLOOOW today. Suddenly the joke was 1000 times funnier (and I feel ever so slightly stupid).

  • Wow that was pretty intellectually intense, almost like watching two Eno's having a chat. I need a lie down after that…

  • Peter Kirn

    I'd like to see a panel discussion with Brian Eno, Dick Flash, Stephen Fry, and Edna Fry (!/MRSSTEPHENFRY).

    I also would like to see if I can fake a Dick Flash press badge at SxSW or CMJ next time. Or I could at least see if I can get away with Pork Magazine.

  • And listen to the bloody voice manipulation. Jeez…

  • Steve Angstrom

    As a fellow-baldie I spent a lot of the video admiring his wig. Do you think this is what Brian wears when he wants to nip down to the shops for a pint of milk?

    Other than that crucial detail I do like the conceit that Brian is really, y'know, like, erm, y'know like a bit thick, and erm y'know everything else is in the minds of his interviewers.

  • ROFL – that *is* Eno playing the interviewer too isn't it?

  • D Minor. We never used to use D Minor.

  • Brendan

    What a genius interview. It's hilariously entertaining but also very interesting in its content. I especially like the end when Dick Flash gets reflective and speaks about how collaborators control the situation…indeed…

  • Stan9fos

    Too funny. Channel Laurie Anderson much? Lovely neck on that Annie Lennox…

  • Armando

    ha man this is the first interview in a long time I had a smile from beginning to end. Great stuff peter literally is a gold interview haha.

  • Rui

    bad interviewer

  • Dave Dri

    Brilliant. It's like Warp running the concept of parody and promo through their in-house DSP. I cringe to think what the typical YouTube comment on this would be 😉

  • quantize

    It's a joke you idiots…

    having said that…leave comedy to the professionals guys…funny for a while then just boring

  • wow I had a good laugh!

  • Polite

    Wired's video player hates me. 🙁

    If anyone else is having problems, here's a youtube version:

  • leMel

    That was absolutely great – reminds of the old David Byrne interview for Stop Making Sense. Why? "I'll tell you later."

  • SaverioC

    Eno interviewed by himself !!cinic ..hahaha…the modulation of his voice , the fake interview of Dick Flash of pork Magazine!!!hahahaha…Unfortunately this guy was on the Bike!!!! hahaha..

  • 4.33


  • Greg

    Did people really not get this?

    I hate admitting I liked this.

  • seb


  • I love Eno's sense of humour as much as his hair style

  • oh english humor…. i love you eno!

  • Hilarious.

  • Subetei

    This is Eno interviewing himself as an alter ego and modulating his voice. Who is "Dick Flash" and what is "Pork Mag"

    Eno is brilliant!!

  • dumafuji

    great voice. amazing limp.

  • This is hilarious! 🙂

  • WOW! On first watch, I did not realize it was the same person, but the content of the interview left me so utterly amazed that I had to watch twice more and finally realized.

    It is so self-referential and full of metaphor, it hurts!!

  • blahberer

    Its indeed a real interview. There is no modulation at all as the lip sync is too perfect. Maybe you are an Eno fan and dont want ur idols crashed.

  • Aaron

    I laughed @ aftermath's comment more than I did during the entire video… haha.. classic.

  • shim

    argh. i'd like to smash pork's bike while he was still on it.

    this is high skool/wierd al/snl level jock-sub-freud-chuckles and it is unworthy of eno (tongue way firmly in cheeks or not). forced 3rd rate monty python queefs and i was a good bit embarrassed watching.

    shoot the producer.

    try again, lads.

    p.s. the new album is pretty good 'tho.

  • shim

    …late snl that be.

  • J. Phoenix

    Now that's how to do an interview. I have whole new insights into Brian Eno now.

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  • Absolutely perfect, i wonder if Eno had anything to do with the initial concept of this piece, something like "you know i really get tired of people trying to explain myself in my interviews, lets try to end that in a funny way".

    But the thing is… even knowing it was a joke from the onset i still went ahead and googled to see if that book by Kurt Von Pork existed.

    If someone would go ahead and just write that damned thing, summing up the connection between the religious experience and the art experience i'd be more than obliged.

    I've a history of trying to spin those ideas in an intelligible way (usually after about 4 days of caffeine and various enhancements) and its just become far too much of a chore. Then again, that whole ball of wax doesn't exactly have a concrete foundation either haha.

  • bluecloud

    Haha ! I absolutely love his solution to piracy : "in the end we just sent one of the roadies around and smashed his bike up…"
    This is how it should be done !

  • hhsaa

    hahahaaaahahah can't typeaahaha

  • Wow Peter didn’t expect so many of you patrons to completely miss the concept of this promotion, after all the sense you generate on a consistent basis on Many of these topics. Eeeeee don’t lose hope we are out here reLky we are.

  • Paul

    I declare this video more annoying than paper cuts.

  • adam

    Ha -great to know Eno still doesn't take himself seriously as so many of his generation unfortunately do!! Cheers Brian.

  • Human Plague

    How I wish these guys were my two dads.

  • TheLoneRoger

    Pure genius – or should that be "Scenius'?
    The recent tour he did with John Hopkins, Leo Abrahams etc.l was presented with much the same dry humour.
    He did a kind of spoof lecture about music from some time in the future 'after the Great Pulse which destroyed all digital records', including examples of musical genres such as 'Ikebana Black Noise Club'.
    Really looking forward to the album.

  • Brian

    Pure genius thanks for deconstructing this pompous non-musician

  • That. Was. Clasic. lol

  • Thanx so much for the laugh… the more I see of Mr. Eno (known him for a long time now) the more I love the guy! But this interview tops it all!