Seven Mantas from bar|none on Vimeo.

You’ve got fingers. Those fingers are incredibly sensitive and expressive with pressure, which can translate to music. Happily, touch panels and velocity sensitivity can coexist, as we saw yesterday.

There’s more where that came from. bar none points us, via Twitter, to work he’s doing with Ableton Live-controlling patch 7upLive and the Manta touch instrument (also mentioned yesterday).

Added Snyderphonics Manta support to SevenUpLive 2.0.x beta this weekend. The beauty here is that you get velocity sensitivity on the plates and SevenUp can use that in its pattern recorders. The Manta supports polyphonic-aftertouch as well which I plan to add to SevenUp later.

This jam was just a fast improv to show off. Everything in the track was sequenced and performed live with the Manta and SevenUpLive. Tracked to 2-track, no edits besides start and end fades.

For more touch action, Adam at CCRMA (the music research end of Stanford) has his own project using ribbon controllers. Picture below; see a detailed photoessay of the build. Nice work.

  • Hey cool thanks for posting.  Here's a video of me playing it (unfortunately it's up on a stage):&nbsp ;

  • That's the first clever use of the different colour leds on a Manta that I have seen. Been thinking a lot about how to implement the feature in a clever way and not really feel that I've gotten there. Great work!

    Regarding the Softpot-controller. That's pretty close to the one i built! Nice!

  • Ed

    BTW, this works in the same way.

  • Max

    I've been thinking about just these things the last weeks, but don't have money to do anything about it. My plans have mostly revolved around buying an akai MPD or similar, they have polyphonic aftertouch. Not sure how they feel though. These could be a diy alternative.

    Not sure what to plug them into though. Maybe an Arduino or the Doepfer USB 64. Apparently the Arduino comes wrapped in ESD foam, so thats the kit right there! đŸ™‚

  • midi1

    an mpc or mpd midi controller is probably better and has been around

  • r3

    Hey … Glad to see the photo essay .. but no text to it ? Adam please !!! let us know in more detail how you've built this ….. are you using S-VHS for ribbon ?

  • A conventional MIDI keyboard would, of course, work far better for this particular piece of music. You'd have more keys available for notes, you'd be able to use fingering patterns that you've already learned (assuming you've had a few piano lessons), and if your unit malfunctioned, you'd be able to swap in another one without having to panic and call the manufacturer to rush out a replacement.

  • bar|none

    @Jim Aiken Maybe, but it's about more than just playing a melody. 7up is about having full compositional control all parts of a set in realtime. The drums were also being sequenced and interacted with. The surface adapts and through visual feedback produces unlimited possible modes of operation to the user depending on the app. It's a benefit in my mind to break out of patterns that are learned over years of lessons as well.