Transcription: Digital circuits are made from analog parts.

No further comment.

Via the wonderful Rucyl, artist and blogger of Saturn Never Sleeps. Both her Tumblr and the blogging she does for SNS are terrific spots to visit when you feel stuck for creative energies. That to me is the Web at its best: directed procrastination, like connecting jumper cables to the part of you that makes new things. Tech, used only for its own sake, can’t do that.

And on that note, below, some music from our SNS friends:

  • Dan Pat

    I have a hard time comprehending that this is a real fortune cookie. That's really great either way, I wish I heard more inspirational quotes about digital music.

  • dyscode

    @Dan Pat:
    here is one: It´s not the tools – it´s man that breaks the sound. 😉

  • I can independently verify that this is, indeed, a real cookie fortune. I have been carrying it in my wallet for about a year now.

  • Previews Sux

    Yo fool – please don't tell me you're linking me to some music only to discover it's 30 second clips. Talk about disappointment!

  • Alex Chopelas

    My father got the same fortune a year ago. Although it puzzled us at first. It's quite poetic, actually, in it's brutally clear way. I think it's meant to be ambiguously metaphorical.

  • @Previews Sux
    Chill fool:  Full Downloads are free, right here:
    and here: