Weekend fun, part 1: as Reactable makes the leap from custom, tangible interface to go-anywhere iPhone/iPad app, here’s a look at what the fingertip-controlled music creation experience is like. The first of a series of tutorials, the video above walks you through some basic music production. It should lay to rest any question about whether this kind of interface can work in musical performance or live arrangement. I still think some artists will want to bang on something rather than just gently finger-paint their way through music, but as arrangement tool, it’s intriguing – and this video makes clearer what the thing is about.

(Just a couple of quick posts by way of apology for breaking one of our two servers, causing an outage. My fault.)

  • Damon

    Like the simplicity of that app. Very nice balance between patch creating and song construction. Really speaks to my personal resolution of creative altitude. Invites you to draw more out of a sample or sound and pay more attention to what you are listening to. That is where the music happens for me.

  • This is probably one of the best apps for noise/drone making & musical performances. Probably harder to include in more traditional compos.

  • spazmatron

    I like the way the little strings bounce to the loops.

  • Intrigued to have a go at this. Not sure about it as a composition tool, as it seems to work primarily with a pre-defined set of loops. But as a performance tool, fantastic. We had the Dubtable (www.dubtable.net) at Corinbank Festival a few years ago, and it was a real equaliser, with musical maestros and beginners all jamming together using nothing but blocks on a table. Wonder how tat translates to using fingers on an ipad.