The modular MIDI step sequencer for Mac, Numerology 3, gets a big update today, adding humanization, generative patterns, and an enhanced UI and functionality. That makes this a more powerful laboratory than ever for creating new musical patterns. There’s also now a budget “Standard” edition and more advanced “Pro” version, AU support for use as a plug-in with some impressive scheduling accuracy and low-latency MIDI support, and lots of new modules.

The basic idea of Numerology is to turn your Mac into a set of modules for assembling musical patterns, and now you can either make Numerology a (very powerful) host, or a plug-in in your DAW of choice. New in version 3:

  • “Generate” and “Evolve” features use generative algorithms for creating and transforming patterns. You can even use them in real-time for ongoing mutations to patterns.
  • OSC (OpenSoundControl) support in Pro
  • Pro-only features: Route multi-output AUs, monophonic audio, custom scale quantization, and advanced sequencer tools like CV to audio for use with outboard analog synths
  • Enhanced filters, envelopes, and modulation in the synth and drum kit modules
  • New audio effects: tempo-synced delays, multi-mode filtering
  • Better preset storage, now with a centralized Stack Library and per-module preset storage
  • Included library of modules to get you started, complete with full examples and templates
  • New 222-page manual

Five12’s James Coker is I think one of the more creative independent music developers out there; I really love what he’s doing with this tool. At a time when there aren’t a whole lot of new ideas about how to work in music production, Numerology is a really unique take, and worth considering for that reason.

Numerology AU already works in Ableton, Logic, and MOTU DP, with more hosts coming soon. That makes this now a must-have addition to any Mac music setup, period – it’s looking insanely powerful.

Intro pricing is available through January 9; upgrades from US$34 and full releases for $119-184. (The Pro version doesn’t cost much more, so that may be a no-brainer for most Numerology fans.)

  • ahhh…

    just tried it…

    mmm, it has some cool features , some very cool features, but is very unintuitive to me at least…

    the few video tutorials online dont really show how to start working with it, how to arrange, how to layer patters, how to do automation, are there curves ? how to use microtonic for example.

    ableton live should learn a LOT from five12 , ableton piano roll and midi sequencer features are a bad joke, but still is easier to get up and running, and oh yes max for live ? well we aint all patching geeks.

    altought i wish i was 😉 merry x-mas peter , keep it up !

  • amoebaSIX

    @TweakingKnobs – i haven't had the chance to play with Num3 much yet, but i will say that Num has a fairly steep learning curve. stick with it tho, Num is an insanely powerful tool and once you get the hang of things, working in other daws can feel pretty bleak.
    it looks like jim has done a great job with 3 – adding a huge list of new features, but also addressing many of the frustrations his customers have had. he is an amazingly open person and will actively engage you when you have a problem or request. the Num forum is a great place to get help, ideas, share presets and get workflow tips.
    i'm very happy to see all the effort that is continually put into Num. i'm a very satisfied user of 2, and i can't wait to spend more time with the new version.
    well, this sure came out sounding like a sales pitch… sorry about that. but i certainly have had to encourage friends to plow thru the initial complexity. please stick with it! you won't be sorry!

  • cubestar

    I LOVE N3! <3

    This program is worth dedicating a bit of time to, you can generate new ideas in ways that are very difficult to achieve in pretty much ever other sequencer.

    Jim is also a really great human being deal with + a friggin' genius, very similar to Urs Heckman in that regard.

  • vanceg

    Numerology has long been the most powerful, innovative, flexible 'step sequencer' on the market. To even just call it a 'step sequencer' program doesn't really do it justice. If you haven't tried it out and you are interested in expanding (far) beyond the standard step-sequencer model, you owe it to yourself to check out Numerology. Even if you aren't triggering MIDI notes per-se, Numerology's take on sequencing provides an impressively flexible environment to generate control data.
    HIGHLY recommended!

  • @TweakingKnobs etc, I wouldn't get watching videos mixed up with reading the manual and learning the software. If you're relying on Ableton videos to show you how to use it, you're missing a lot.
    Numerology is based on a modular step-sequencer paradigm, which is pretty different from Live or Cubase or anything else. For instance, there aren't "automation curves" as you might expect in other apps. Instead there are LFOs and other modulation modules that allow you to automate and control any parameter, any step, etc. It's more like wiring the back or Reason or connecting CV on a modular synth. It's different, and a by-product of that is you get different results.

  • of course theres ArtWonk and MusicWonk for PC. Not quite as sexy and Ive always found the midi timing to be a bit erratic on all my machines…from single core to i7 🙁
    Otherwise I would have jumped on board

  • Numerology is my favorite piece of software, period, and totally changed how I write electronic music. Honestly i think the basics are quite easy and let you get out ideas very quickly– the basic mononote or poly note modules are quite simple and really fun. The hard stuff is getting into the guts and taking advantage of the modular routing, but it's totally worth it. 

    The new stuff looms great, and anyone who has been paying attention knows how quickly Jim has been adding new and interesting features. 

  • Kim

    Windows version please.

  • gerbil

    would love to see this running on an iPad, outputing MIDI straight to connected hardware.

  • Bard

    would love to see this running on my casio digital watch, outputting MIDI straight to connected hardware.

  • JohnMcQ

    If you're using a Launchpad you especially need to check out Numerology, he's done some incredible work interfacing with the hardware.  Yes, there is a learning curve but download the template – it's well worth the time and effort.

  • Well,  with the au version it much easier to not forget numerology,

    its pretty easy to set up in live and kicks the shit out of lives  "step sequencing"

    still, is kinda hard to keep going forward,

    i guess i might have to read the manual  8/

  • this creator are GREAT!!!!!!!!!

  • Seamus

    Yeah, I love me some Numerology as well. Even the demo version is insanely good for generating new musical ideas and patterns! Reaper, Renoise and Numerology are becoming akin to my holy trinity of music making, SO MUCH POTENTIAL 😀

  • The Hercules RMX, DJ fortify is a sharp usb DJ control expose besides DJ software as Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

  • Charles Baker

    numerology in an AU!!!!?!!?!?
    be still mah beatin' heart!!!!!!

    bwahhhh-hahahahahahah ! (best evil scientist laugh) this could be …..interesting…..

    ps: audio rate signals and control also available in N3Pro.

  • mat

    + 1 on windows version :))

  • I think we're more likely to see an iOS version of Numerology than Windows.

  • Remixing with N3 Pro and loving it!