TRON: Legacy Projection Mapping trailer – Southbank London from Guided Collective on Vimeo.

The original Tron film, combining optical effects, hand-painted techniques, and elemental computer graphics, had a big impact on my visual imagination as a young person, as I’m sure it did many. The glowing inner world of that movie has surely had an impact on a lot of the high-contrast projection-mapped experiments thus far. So it’s hard in a way for an event promoting the movie and HP printers to stand up to the universe of the original film.

I’ll let you be the judge. The firm is very interesting: a network of creators as much as a traditional design form, in the form of Guided Collective.

The setting is spectacular, on the southbank of London. If you’re in in the neighborhood, you can check out the show this evening and tomorrow evening.

  • I went to EleTRONica in Disneyland a couple of weekends back, and it too has some nice projections going on.  Perhaps not as cool as what's in the video above, though the images were presented in a U-shaped environment, so guests could stand in the middle.