Another gorgeous render by Stephan Gries. I could live in a virtual reality studio made by this guy.

At the very least, Tyrell, the synthesizer dreamt up by readers of the website, will be realised in software form – and it might inspire a hardware module, too. That’s the word from Peter Grandl from Amazona, who writes:

our project TYRELL will become reality. :-)))
First as a Software Synthesizer, programmed by U-He (from the inventors of ZEBRA 2) and hopefully later as an analog hardware device.

Urs Heckman (see picture) is working on a Synth-project called DIVA. One part of the project is developing a module which is based on the ROLAND Juno 60. Exactly this synth was also the base for the Reader-Survey. Now, Urs will bring both ideas together and will create TYRELL – N6 as the first TYRELL Clone.

Since the last letter we have been contacted by three companies from Europe and China. Each of these companies has expressed interest to realize TYRELL.

PS: BTW – the Software Version of U-He will be free of charge for readers. We expected a beta-version before Christmas this year!!

As a huge fan of Urs’ development work, color me interested – and DIVA itself is sounding a fascinating project. So what may have begun as hardware dreams could wind up being more interesting as software. In fact, building this as a controller wouldn’t be unimaginable. (Come on, I have to anger analog hardware die-hards at least some of the time, or I’m not going to live up to the name of this site.)

Speaking of hardware, though, have a look at the slick, new design look. Stephan Gries tells me the rendering engine he’s using with the Rhino modeler is Maxwell, since a number of people asked. (In a first draft, I wrote that the models were “rendered” in Rhino; it’s really that they were modeled in Rhino and rendered in Maxwell.)

Urs Heckmann.
  • me

    looks good…. but is nothing special inside!

    its just an 2osc-synth based on the juno 60

    if u-he does the soft plugin the cpu will rise 🙂

  • Me:

    On what do you base that conclusion? ACE? Because if that's the case you honestly don't know very much about it, as it was an experiment in not making any concessions, and Urs has warned time and time again that it eats cpu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Zebra on the other hand is very complex while being amazingly easy on the system.

  • you know what fixes fantastic sounding high CPU usage plugins?

    more processing power.

    the possible hardware component,… now that IS something to get excited about.

  • rl

    RE: Tyrell: I'm a bit bored by the lack of innovative ideas that went into it

  • It is a very pretty render. Looks like the fruits of a forbidden love between a Juno-60 and a Virus Polar/indigo.

  • bigtone

    gonna be the bomb… nice to see urs makes it real finally, he was talking to me for ages about this dream to become true… thumbs up, and urs, can´t wait to betatest! 🙂

  • Juno
  • It's going to made by Urs, it's going to be sweet!

  • If it makes it to actual analog hardware, I wonder if it will be polyphonic, and in that case, multi-timbral hopefully. A multi-timbral Juno clone would definitely do it for me.

  • Urs

    No worries, it won't be as bad on cpu as ACE. I hope.

    If you read the (German) concept carefully, the Tyrell has various nice features that havn't been done in an analogue polysynth before. Most knobs are also switches and have double functions.

    😉 Urs

    P.S.: I love the TAL plugs, but their Juno emulation does not sound like my hardware Juno 60. Neither will Tyrell because of the different filter architecture, but I'm determined to get the oscillators right.

  • Yole

    Is this the best we can come up with in 2010? Clone of 30-yr old idea?? Maybe we should create a new theremin, just for the sake of retro.

  • Random Chance

    Good thing they go for a software "prototype" first. The user interface could use some iterations to get the layout just right (some of it feels like you'd really want to have the manual handy for a quick peek as to what a certain button, fader or knob does in a certain mode). Building prototypes and testing them with a select group of people could do wonders. I for one would like to know what Axel Hartmann would have to say about the current state of the user interface and overall industrial design.

    Another idea I would like to see pursued (maybe designed by the users of CDM right here) is a new FM synth, essentially a spiritual successor to the Yamaha DX series, but with lots of hands-on controls. The world (at least my humble studio) could also use an additive synth that delivers where the K5000 failed. I'm talking essentially about an unashamedly digital polyphonic (and probably multitimbral) synth with a great keyboard and user interface. I have the feeling that in the realm of digital polysynths there are many more loose ends to be tied up than in the analog polysynth world. So: How about a next generation digital polysynth that feels at home in the studio and on stage? 

  • Urs is the Boss !

  • clear

    Boring indeed. Surrounded with too much bikeshedding for my taste.
    … and now it's reaching the point, where I must think, it's more about creating something to sell for profit to those who love buying gadgets, with one of the main features being advertised as a community project. Eh. Not even business 1.5.

  • Cubestar

    Urs MAKES this interesting!

  • Tischhupe

    If you read the article about the Tyrell carefully, you will see that it isn't a simple clone. It is much more, with very sophisticated features. And yes, the hardware will be polyphonic (6-8 voices).

  • fedism

    Why isnt this this a hardware synth already.
    missing out on a million dollar project over here….

  • fedism

    Why isnt this this a hardware synth already.
    missing out on a million dollar project over here….

  • fedism

    Why isnt this this a hardware synth already.
    missing out on a million dollar project over here….