I’m fortunate this weekend to be able to be part of Invisible Instructions, a combination art exhibit and music lineup at Culturefix, the same LES venue where we host Handmade Music. “High Priest” HPrizm of Antipop Consortium is playing and (see Soundcloud) this evening is teaching a “signal to rhythm” digital audio workshop with Spacecraft (Soh Nup Ink). (People know Anti-Pop’s music well; HPRIZM has actually done some significant sound design, something you might not know, including presets for the the ElecTribe EMX and ESX SD Edition for Korg.)

Some psychedelic HPRIZM sounds to get you through your weekend:

And it’s worth revisiting Anti-Pop Consortium’s podcast for our friends at XLR8R Magazine:

What’s a bit unique about this event is that it couples digital music with visual art (with, you know, actual paint) and teaching. NYU’s Hip-Hop Education Center” is a collaborator, teaching people young and old the craft of hip-hop music.

There are music performances today and tomorrow alongside the workshops; I’ll be playing some visuals tomorrow night. Thanks to my friend SpaceCraft for making this happen!

Invisible Instructions Exhibition + Micro-festival Site
Dubspot Blog Post

Psychedelic solstice Tuesday, anyone?

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  • I'm a huge fan of apc, I don't know if many CDM readers listen to underground/indie hip-hop, but they should check it out.   It might also be worth mentioning Airborn Audio as well, basically apc without  Beans.   Sounds like a cool event.

  • warblez

    just out of curiosity is there any relation between the anti-pop consortium and Boyd Rice, the guy who coined antipop?

  • @warblez: No, judging from this: