crackdown 2 (unreleased video game soundtrack)
non really. microsoft published the game., Video game soundtrack, otherwise unreleased.

i apologize for the crassness of pimping something i was involved in, but when you see the artist list it’s a downright tragedy that no one knows about this project outside of gamers. the soundtrack to crackdown 2 for the xbox 360 has tons of great music on it, including remixes that were commissioned especially for the game. some of the artists: atari teenage riot, daedelus, tek-one, the bug, klause schulze, king cannibal, joker, starkey… and the exclusive remixes are amazing(ly overlooked): bob dylan, johnny cash, public enemy, creedence clearwater revival, blue oyster cult, and r.e.m. the best i can do is offer links to some of the tracks that third parties have uploaded: ccr remixed by mistabishi: blue oyster cult remixed by mistabishi: public enemy remixed by the bug: bob dylan remixed by scntfc (me…cough): as of now there are no plans for an official soundtrack release, so i’d say it’s about as overlooked as you can get! thanks, sorry again for the self-pimpage and wordiness.

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Dj Kicks James Holden
various artists
K7, Mix

It’s magical. Like every set i heard from him it totally blew me away and every time in a new way.. Can’t get enough from this guy and his amazing label Border Community! Always very inspiring… Another one to watch from 2010 is the xlr8r podcast featuring BC’s Margot release and his remix of Caribou’s Bowl.. So good! Can’t wait whats coming next… (can’t wait for the Labels Kate Wax release too)

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Data Protection
Various Artists
Warm Data, EP

Much enjoyable slice of no messin electronica….gets me twitching everytime

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Yello By Yello – Anthology
Universal, Album (full-length)

This release was masterfully re-mastered and collects all the best Yello songs in the last 30 years.

Suggested by Julian Kovalsky

Face Tat
Zach Hill
Sargent House, Album (full-length)

1. songwriting + themes / melodies – true gems hidden beneath distortion, beautifully warped! 2. the album sound/production. difficult, but love it.

Suggested by Poli

Face Tat
Zach Hill
Sargent House, Album (full-length)

No album sounds even remotely like this. The songs have very experimental sounds but are all catchy. The percussion is relentless. Its hard to tell what exactlly is making a sound you are hearing…in a very good way.

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