Flying Lotus
Warp, Album (full-length)

Freelance Whales
Mom & Pop Records, Album (full-length)

Best Indie/Electronic/Pop record of 2010. Use of unusual instruments : harmonium, banjo. Cool & Fresh sound. Impossible not to love this LP.

Suggested by YYF

The Sound of Love Impermanent
Ant-Zen, Album (full-length)

It’s a sharp departure from Ginormous’ own industrial-influenced downtempo/IDM sound, while moving into a more ambient/shoegaze influenced sound, the album is a journey in and of itself. Inspired and composed by and for a ballet of a collaborator, every part of the album pulls you along into every other, making you yearn for what will come next, while leaving you to wonder about the parts that came before. Just really damn brilliant.

Suggested by Candle Nine

Sine Language triple album
Grains of Sound
AlterCulture, Album (full-length)

Unique triple album, has 1 CD of upbeat, 1 CD of downtemp, 1 CD of beatless ambient, each volume explores different styles and energy levels but of one unified vibe. Also, released a music video for a song off the ambient CD, with footage of Earth from space, provided by the European Space Agency,

sincere void
root strata, Album (full-length)

overlooked by all the main lists for this type of music (boomkat, wire, etc.)

Suggested by rené

gate code
muti music, Single

fresh style.

Suggested by chace

Transcription Factors
Hitori Tori
Fwonk, EP

Hitori Tori uses the Ohm64 and Renoise in an unconventional way. This EP is sort of the album version of what we’ve been seeing on YouTube. His blog, for good measure:

Suggested by Dac Chartrand

Leilani (Nite Club remix)
Hidden Shoal Recordings, Remix

The dream pop of the Hotels has little in common with electronic dance music, and previous Nite Club remixes have had a hip-hop style. So when this remix turned out to be oldskool jungle, it came out of nowhere. I was quite pleasantly surprised. The shoegaze meets drum’n’bass concept is unique, but Nite Club makes it work. When the wobbly bass hits, I feel like melting. Although there has been a plethora of awesome music released in 2010, I’ve kept coming back to this one track. It definitely deserves some attention, and I hope it inspires more indie-jungle remixes in 2011.

Suggested by Agargara