A Young Person’s Guide to Kyle Bobby Dunn
Kyle Bobby Dunn
Low Point, Album (full-length)

Best, most subtle and gorgeous release of the year. And that I have heard in years.

Suggested by Craig

This Is Happening
LCD Soundsystem
DFA Records, Album (full-length)

it’s really incredible record. everything seems just perfect. (vocals, guitars, synths, beats, etc..) personal my favourite record for 2010.

Suggested by lazaLCDFan http://twitter.com/#!/lazaLCDFan

This Is Happening
LCD Soundsystem
DFA, Album (full-length)

This album is engaging, powerful, and completely danceable. The fidelity, definition and depth of sound is only a compliment to the irresistible hooks it holds.

Suggested by Rob Bridges

Endless Falls
Kranky, Album (full-length)

An epic work of immense and beautiful work of pause and pending….

Suggested by Mat

Parked Car
Lusky, Album (full-length)

It sounds familiar to me. I was born in the seventies and it reminds me of the electronic eighties which is when I started to buy music. I like the unusual beats, something different about the drums which is unusual these days when everything is supposed to have been done.

Suggested by Alison No

Max Cooper – Sea of Sound by Max Cooper

Sea of sound
Max cooper
Traum, EP

A beatifull piece of electronic music that puts you (or a dancefloor) in a complete deep atmosphere to enjoy sound and dream. It embraces you and takes you in a whole journey on the sea… It laso evoke good feelings, hope, love and dedication to art.

Suggested by Rodrigo hernandez no

Love / Hate
Maya Jane Coles
Dogmatik, Single

First and foremost, it’s a fantastic dancefloor track. It’s hits your ears in all the right places to make you move. However, what I find really impressive and unique about this track is how it creates a sense of physical sense space with its percussion.

Suggested by Peter Marks petermarks.info

No More Stories…
Album (full-length)

Mew is one of the best finds in music. Their albums never disappoint.

Suggested by Lux Elliott

Remove Not the Forgotten Landmarks
bandcamp/missincinnatti, Album (full-length)

New arrangments of sea shanties and traditional folk songs; beautiful and simple, but challenging and adventurous at the same time. All three members have a rich history of playing difficult free improvised music, so to hear them apply those skills to super-melodic songs is extremely satisfying. There is nothing improvised here, though, everything is carefully calculated. This is one of those rare records that feels as though every arrangment choice was made not because of the abilities or limitations of the performers, but because of what the songs actually *needed* – hence the choices feel surprising, but never incongruous. Instrumentation: Voice, Cello, Guitar (electric & acoustic), electronics, field recordings, assorted percussion.

Suggested by Jonathan Snipes www.jonat8han.com

Ease Forward
Noisia & Joe Seven
Invisible Recordings, EP

I like how this track has an old photek feel but with modern production techniques.

Suggested by Göran Sandström http://veqtor.bandcamp.com

  • Wow, this has given me a lot of new, good music to sift through. Thanks!

  • I suppose I only have myself to blame for not nominating it, but I am surprised nobody else thought of Oval: O. After almost a decade from his last record, Markus Popp returns with a fantastic new sound: sharp, crystal clear, the sounds of particles ricocheting off marble surfaces. With some tasty drum breaks too 😉 Think it was produced on his custom Oval software – although I might be wrong about that…

  • Carl Lumma

    What, nobody mentioned knowsur's NANA WODORI?


  • drrn

    As much as I love Burial's "Untrue," it's from 2007 not 2010.

  • james

    Yes! Si, well fucking done.

  • strunkdts

    Sorry, no review for AlvaNoto BlixaBargeld apart from, with a pedigree like that how do you go wrong?. The sonic palette is perfect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp4lZWZRsvo

    Big props also to Kollektive Turmstrausse (whom i also only just discovered last year) The maighty Demdike Stare who just seem to get better, Caribou and the release from Roj. (Ghost Box is the bomb!)

    Heres looking forward to even better revelations this year.

  • What, no Shobaleader One?

  • FreakWithoutACause

    A Michael Jackson video cover with no crotch-grabbing?!?! Aren't Pomplamoose the couple from that car commercial? Anywhoo, great to see Balam Acab get a nod. Their EP is in steady rotation on my iPod.

  • pomplamoose and pendulum

    thanks for keeping your ears to the streets for me fellas

    (im just fronting though, i really had to dig to find scoffs)

  • wow thnx for demdike stare!

  • Awesome.  Bought Cosmo D and Eskimo Spy, added a few more to my Amazon list.

    I thought "Cosmo D" was a familiar name — I'm pretty sure he released a free cello sample set a couple years ago.

  • Sarah

    the new kyle bobby dunn is the most gorgeous release i've heard in 10+ years. good list. 

  • Where is Shackleton´s Fabric Mix? Forget the fact that its "fabric" or a "mix"; as a whole, its without a doubt the most engaging, organic, seductive piece of music of the last DECADE! haha… thats just my opinion.. but seriously… its futuristic, its atavistic, its structure is at first glance simple but its foundations are incredibly detailed and crafted. He´s one of the few producers in recent memory who´s music managed to become its own archetype…

  • I just want to say thank you to those of you who've taken the time to listen/download/purchase my album. A friend of mine submitted this on my behalf and I'm so pleased he has. Thanks again, Cheers!

  • If I can make this humble suggestion:

    If you fancy some psychedelic space melodies. 🙂

  • Dave Dri

    @Johan – Agreed on the Shackleton mix. I recently had a mammoth roadtrip with my editor, and somewhere between Brisbane and Sydney I was lost in a 2am-on-the-highway daze through that mix. It's pretty dense, and very interesting in the right space. I'd love to see some of the producers of this stuff in the studio. 

    As for me, my picks of 2010 are on Page 34 of 3D World's end of year issue:&nbsp ;http://bit.ly/eDYe3e. Needless to say, I was a big fan of the new Chemical Brothers album (listening to it on high-end cans is a mind-blowing step forward in production values, and erm, invincible EMS Synthi analogue goodness), but the Gold Panda album surprised me. Unsurprisingly…. the new Bonobo album is still on high rotation. Black Sands is so good that I listen to it whole – even the intro track. 

    Final note for the dancefloor inclined? Don't miss out on Technasia's 'Central'. It is an accomplished display of "less is more" production, crafted to fit the album format like Josh Gabriel's incredible 'Eight' only a few years before. Gush, swoon and appreciate : )

  • Thanks for the nomination. Much appreciated.

  • @Crashproof,

    Cosmo D here… I did release a sample library a few years back… the Solo improvisations + Beats album is another skew of my cello explorations.  Thanks Nate C for the mention!

  • Wendell

    Slacker latecomer here, who missed the call for nominations. I'd offer Pale Sketcher's "Pale Sketches Demixed" album. http://ghostly.com/artists/pale-sketcher Self-indulgent and sentimental in all the right ways, IMNSHO. Yet another winning project from Justin Broadrick. (Cool with this post not being approved due to late late late submission.)