Speaking of tablets, can the flat surface of a touchscreen really emulate guitar expression? One developer thinks so.

Toyo Bunko of Amidio, makers of soft synths for iOS, writes to share their latest project. OMGuitar is a “guitar synth.” While it’s entirely touch-based, they’ve found ways of adjusting the tone, including using the speed of a strum to impact timbre and techniques for bends and mutes. You choose chords via an interface of their own design (rather than on conventional frets), and onboard effects make this an all-in-one solution. 300 chords are available, and there’s a dedicated arpeggio interface.

It’s no replacement for an acoustic guitar, but as a design problem alone, it’s fascinating. OMGuitar is coming this month, say the makers.


  • jim van damme

    …more like an autoharp.

  • damn. some fine imagination at work there. if they could just combine what they've done with even more out of the box thinking like metheny's 3 (4?) axis guitar thing, we might be onto something truly special. this is just … special, maybe.

  • as expressive as a guitar? hardly. a fun toy perhaps, but thats about it.

  • Human Plague

    Very cool, must be fun to play, but the camerawork could have been more subtle? 

    I mean metal guitar solos and penile virility are part of the game, but a guy waving his hands around his crotch for 2 minutes?

  • cmon. its the new age of almost-instruments and expensive toys for douchebags. ofcourse hes putting it close to his crotch. all part of the immersion.

  • By far the most realistic control of strumming a virtual instrument yet. A brilliant solution for controlling the rate and velocity of a strum, very creative. There are amazing possibilities for this type of controller with all synthesized/sample modeled string instruments.

  • bitbit

    what's interesting is not so much the guitar emulation, but rather the way the notes are being selected: select the chord on the bottom of the screen and then the individual notes in that chord appear and can be triggered via buttons on the side. it would be nice to have this interface alone to use to send note data out via midi / osc to external synths, vsts, etc…

  • …or, you could get a guitar and learn how to play. The Byrds said that in a hit song more than 40 years ago. It still seems like good advice.

  • Mortimer

    Yeah Jim, I mean god forbid we experiment with new ways of playing music, using or emulating existing instruments as a starting point 

  • Michael

    Yeah, Jim and you could have written that response in a sheet of paper using an ink pen and then placed it in an envelope and addressed it individually to each person who has viewed this page and sent it via the post office, waiting for a response… or just used your computer to post your thought.

  • foljs

    …or, you could get a guitar and learn how to play. The Byrds said that in a hit song more than 40 years ago. It still seems like good advice.

    Yes. Now, remind me, why are you in "createdigitalmusic.com", again?

  • foljs

    Jim Aikin

    Wait, *THE* Jim Aikin?

    I grew up reading your stuff.

    To say that your comment seems out of character would be an understatement.