Projection mapping, whether performed as intricate alignment to surfaces or simply as a way to get out of basic rectangular viewing ratios, has potential to create a range of visual effects. Now, those capabilities are available to users of the fully free and open source, omni-platform goodness that is OpenFrameworks.

hvfrancesco has built a really brilliant, simple-but-effective, um, open framework for OpenFrameworks. It just does some simple quadrilateral warping math, and amazingly, it’s his first OF code. (In fact, even if you just want to learn that math, it’s worth a look.)

Full details on the OF forums:
little projection-mapping tool

Thanks to everyone who sent this in; keep the tips coming.

Expect more OF coverage, as they’re wrapping up a code intensive this week in Pittsburgh, and I’ve heard some very tantalizing news already.

  • Adriana Soucoff

    very interesting
    i have an question about the quads, i saw when two quads share the same area(quad n 1 and quad n 4), one is chosen (in this case quad n 4), the quad has a property like "bring to front", or whith a internal layer, how you resolve this issue?

  • @Adriana
    at the moments quads are stored in a array and drawn one on top of the other in order of creation.
    some way of re-arranging the layers' order is in my TODO list anyway

  • @adriana
    added basic layers re-arranging feature to git repository. + and – keys are used to raise/lower the active quad

  • Orozcoisra

    com la consigo…