For some of us, coding is a slow, methodical process, and there’s even some appeal to the rhythm of it – do a series of things, try it, stop, go back to code… But if you’ve ever dreamt of coding and seeing immediate results — whether just to speed your coding solo, or even to code in live performance — you’ll like this news.

live-processing clones the capabilities of Processing, the elegant, open source visual/multimedia coding environment, but adds live-coding capabilities. Aside from the live-coding aspect, it’s generally more compact and more dynamic.

The secret is Clojure, a dynamic programming language that works on the Java VM (and the .net CLR) and adds some of the beauty of Lisp to Java.

It seems absolutely appropriate to me. Part of the vision of Processing was immediacy, the ability to approach the directness of sketching with pencil and paper, but expressing ideas in computation and code that a pencil cannot. In fact, as I’m fond of saying (one might wish I’d shut up about it already), I always try to work with Processing as the code environment and pencil and paper nearby.

Check out the project. I imagine it could use some input – and I’d love for someone to make a video using it. Consider that a challenge, CDM readers!

Thanks to @jkant76 for the tip! (If you speak Italian, he has a wonderful blog on music and culture.

  • that is cool.
    In case you don't really want to learn Lisp though, you can also "live-code" in Eclipse.

    Simply run your sketch in debug mode (keyboard: F11 in OS X). From personal observation, you can add/modify/delete local variables and method calls, but cannot declare new properties, methods or classes since this doesn't happen in runtime in Java. Still it's awesome for parameter tweaking.

     (Apologies if this is well known, i just found out about it recently and it brings the joy of using Processing to a whole new level :D)

  • sorry it's CMD+F11 for run-in-debug-mode, and you have to save your sketch (CMD+S) for changes to take effect.

  • There's also SimpleLiveCoding
    I made some tests using
    and it seems to work quite well.

  • Ah interesting; and it reminded me to look back here, which I haven't done for ages.

    1st reaction: ooh Windows version at last 🙂
    2nd reaction, oh it's got the my favorite feature cut. 🙁