Rob Brown and Sean Booth, aka Autechre, remain one of the most forward-thinking acts in electronic music; going back to their work from a decade or two ago feels less like history and more like futuristic artifact, a musical seed from space unearthed in a cornfield somewhere and about to rip your throat (or ears) out. Warp Records’ Bleep service doing the hard work for you and collecting all their EPs? That’s very good news.

EPs 1991-2002 promises to be what a box set should be: all substance, no nonsense, and with 47 tracks, many of them rare and out of print, for US$30-50, this is an astoundingly-good deal.

In a sign of the times, you can even forgo the box if you don’t want it. (Yes, yes, tangible objects and whatnot – but many electronic music lovers live in cramped urban quarters.) US$29.99 buys you high-quality 320kbps MP3s, and an extra $3 gets you the proper, uncompressed files. Or you can get the box set with the five CDs and some lovely packaging. Regardless of which option you choose, the fine folks at Warp don’t hold on out you; you still get three of Autechre’s ground-breaking music videos in high-quality form. It’s about time we get to see them somewhere other than grainy YouTube clips, or, erm, the countless music videos by other artists that have tried to clone them cheaply.

Nor do you have to wait. Pre-order the physical box or buy only the downloads, and video and audio downloads are ready for you, right now.


Cavity Job (1991 – First Autechre release from before they signed to Warp and not available on CD before)
Basscad EP (1994)
Anti EP (1995)
Garbage (1995)
Anvil Vapre (1995)
Peel Session (Transmitted 1995, released 1999)
Envane (1997)
Cichlisuite (1997)
EP7 (1999)
Peel Session 2 (Transmitted 1999, released 2001)
Gantz_Graf (2002)

All versions come with 3 High Quality Videos:
Second Bad Vilbel (Chris Cunningham)
Gantz_Graf (Alexander Rutterford)
Basscadet (Jess Scott Hunter)

Release page: EPS, 1991-2001

Actually, full track listing:
1. Cavity Job
2. Accelera 1 & 2
3. Basscadet (Bcdtmx)
4. Basscadet (Basscadoublemx)
5. Basscadet (Tazmx)
6. Basscadet (Basscadubmx)
7. Lost
8. Djarum
9. Flutter
11. PIOBmx
12. Bronchusevenmx
13. VLetrmx
14. Second Bad Vilbel
15. Second Scepe
16. Second Scout
17. Second Peng
18. Milk DX
19. Inhake 2
20. Drane
21. Goz Quarter
22. Latent Quarter
23. Laughing Quarter
24. Draun Quarter
25. Yeesland
26. Pencha
27. Characi
28. Krib
29. Tilapia
30. Rpeg
31. Ccec
32. Squeller
33. Left Blank
34. Outpt
35. Dropp
36. Liccflii
37. Maphive6.1
38. Zeiss Contarex
39. Netlon Sentinel
40. Pir
41. Gelk
42. Blifil
43. Gaekwad
44. 19 Headaches
45. Gantz_Graf
46. Dial.
47. Cap IV

For reference only (you really need those high-quality files), here are the videos in question; first, the legendary, oft-copied Gantz_Graf video by Alexander Rutterford:

Next, Chris Cunningham’s contribution:

Actually, watching these with all the TV artefacts is … kind of awesome. So here’s another:

Lastly, Jess Scott Hunter’s interpretation of Basscadet:

  • Definitely very interested in getting this. It's not only a couple discs worth of great music – from a musicologist's perspective it's a bloody good document of digital electronic music's evolution over the last 20 years 😉

  • dude

    well said.

  • I am of the AE Church. Provided I prefer their later output, I am considering this nontheless. The Gantz Graf full quality video is tempting. And maybe this gets me again into 90's AE too. I know few things, but the surest thing I know is that I could live all the rest of my life only listening to AE. Sorry! It's the only icon I believe in blindly!

  • Three of these eps made of the 2CD tri repetae release which i consider to be the best autechre as well as one of the most beautiful and dynamic collections of music i have ever heard. For me it's a perfect balance between the ambience of prior work and the sonic potential of later releases. Crucially a stable groove are not yet out the window here compared to future releases which very cold and detached to me.

    anti, garbage and anvil vapre are still stunning and brilliant to my ears. Anyone else in this boat?

  • vicmod

    Been an Ae fan since the first Warp release. No one is as forward thinking as them, sorry RDJ.

    I already own all of these releases on cd except Cavity Job so this will the first Autechre release I will not be buying.

    If Ae / Warp release a box set of all AUtechre's remixes I will buy 2 copies!

  • I have the 2CD Tri Repetae set and am missing some of the other tracks. Definitely buying this as Designer's Republic does nice work, the videos are great, and having the physical product will be a nice bonus. I have some of the tracks in iTunes but the actual CDs (like the Peel Sessions) have either been ruined or have vanished…argh

  • Hats off to Autechre! AU is gold.

    (check out their brief interview on Iara Lee's documentary Modulations when you have a sec . . .)

  • washington

    I would pay the price just for a proper HD copy of the Gantz Graf video alone. The rest of the stuff is icing.

  • This was so hpeflul and easy! Do you have any articles on rehab?