Producer/composer and Reaktor super-guru Peter Dines is back with a new concoction for Native Instruments’ graphical development environment for sound. Entitled the Reaktor Sample Pack, it’s a collection of three granular sampling instruments. Updated with new download links (no more divshare!)

Frame is a looping sampler with smooth/crossfading, envelope controls, and built-in saturation, plus graphical loop point selection. Free | download

Loupe is a “polyphonic looping slicer,” which is to say you can slice up a sample and assign it to different MIDI keys. Press a note, then graphically set loop playback parameters from reverse to envelope to filter. US$15 via link below, or get Loupe + Mirage for US$22.50 | download

Mirage is a granular sampler that focuses on ambient textures, by creating snapshots of various parameters. There’s some deep sonic functionality in there, including an LFO with a “whirl” effect (and accompanying whirly graphic widget), per-voice filtering, global envelope and EQ, and tons of grain-level controls. US$15 via link below, or get Loupe + Mirage for US$22.50 | download

They also all look lovely with Reaktor’s recently-overhauled UI. Pete isn’t just a good programmer, though; he’s a talented producer, so I’ll let the sound samples speak for themselves:

Peter Dines Sampler Pack – Frame 2 by peterdines

Peter Dines Sampler Pack – Loupe drums by peterdines

Peter Dines Sampler Pack – Mirage demo by peterdines

And here’s a look at Mirage’s UI; click through for a bigger version:

If you have Reaktor, I can’t imagine any argument for not picking these up. Through the end of February, you can pick up all three for US$22.50, and Frame alone would keep you busy for free.

Full details on Pete’s terrific Modulations blog at Noisepages:
Introducing the Reaktor Sampler Pack

If you’re interested in using this in Ableton Live, read on for Reaktor+Live tips. If you’re a fan of Maschine, Pete has also been putting Reaktor and Maschine together while testing the upcoming Maschine 1.6, and he’s got some fantastic tips:

Ableton users…
More on routing Reaktor in Live: multi out audio UPDATE: VST works too, not just AU [PS – little tip, VST is usually a safer bet than AU on the Mac because so many AU plug-ins actually use compatibility layers]

Maschine + Reaktor (and Loupe!) Maschine 1.6 beta just dropped!

And if you love running patterns at different lengths, routing patterns into one another, good stuff:
Sound to Sound MIDI routing in Maschine 1.6

Thanks for the great ideas, Pete. Well worth checking the rest of his site:

  • Common, make them all free and available at the user library!

  • Peter Kirn

    Frame is free.

    Look, I think the small fee is an incentive to put time into polishing something into a product. I certainly think it's worth the money.

    By comparison, we have Reaktor (which costs more than twenty two bucks) and Pd (which is free and open source – something a lot of those user library things sure aren't). I'm rather grateful for each of them, and you do have a choice. There are similar free patches out there for Pd, which makes sense to me – free tool, free patch.

  • qubeep

    i totally agree with @dropthedyle

  • People who balk at paying for the sampling pack are more than welcome to download the free items I've posted at Reaktor Tips and <a href="; rel="nofollow">in the Reaktor user library. There are also some nice <a href="; rel="nofollow">goodies on the Kore mini-site here at Noisepages. Enjoy!

  • In my opinion, I think it's absolutely fair to charge money if you put a lot of work and time into the programming of a great tool. Not everybody has won the lotto or is living off of a nice trust fund. Time is money.

  • really great patch Peter, and yes time to time it's normal to ask money for our work…
    with change €/$, i found this cheap. And I've always feel that we don't use the tools we buy the same way than the free ones..don't you..?

  • Thanks, glad you like it! I did put a lot of thought and work into these and so far the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

  • Groc

    I love open source and sharing things for free but come on, we can't expect to get everything for free. I know my boss would love it but there are bills to pay and I think a few years ago you would have paid a lot of money for these samplers. I'm just glad someone like Peter makes my life easier and allows me to be creative by not having to spend all my time designing these things. Its a small fee!! Now if you will excuse me I'm off to Long and Maquade to see if they will give me a free Fender Twin Reverb. I can't believe they are still charging for those things especially with Guitar Rig 4 so cheap 🙂 

  • I am QUITE happy to help Peter out for all his valuable efforts, I support and benefit from his work and contributions.

    I spent most of yesterday playing with all three, sometimes an individual's narrowing of focus (as in the parameter sets here) translates into a surprising expansion of usefulness to be gotten from a tool as I have found with these. Really going to enjoy exploring these as true digital 'instruments' (as opposed to just tools) 😀

    Thanks again Peter , also continue to count Paramdrum as one of my favorite drum AND loop machines.

  • Thanks Loopy! I've got one more refresh of ParamDrum in the works – it's been finished for a while but I haven't had time to make snaps for it. Hope to get it out shortly. It will be a free upgrade for current ParamDrum customers.

  • @Peter, regarding the sound to sound midi routing trick for running patterns of different lengths, the second version of the 1.6 beta for Maschine that was recently released has fixed the bug that necessitated that workaround, so it can be done natively now.

  • Ah, thanks for that, substrain. I've been so wrapped up in Reaktor lately I didn't even notice there was another Maschine beta! I'll check that out now.

  • oh come on man!, it is absolutely fair for peter to charge for them… he has posted free stuff on the reaktor user library for years!!! also, frame is free. don't be so greedy 😉