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We live in a fragile world, and I’m immensely grateful for the opportunities we’re gifted to share ideas about music making and engineering, sound and tools.

I will continue our regular content, but I also want to ask all of our readers to reflect on our friends and colleagues impacted directly and indirectly by the aftermath of Friday’s tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear crisis. It is to date one of the most far-reaching disasters in its connection to the larger audience for this site, though we remain sensitive to loss throughout our community worldwide. I want to specifically send our thoughts to our Japanese readers, and our friends at Korg, Roland, Yamaha, and too many other manufacturers and press outlets to name as they face the challenges ahead.

We rely on electricity and network availability to even be connected to one another via this outlet; recent events in Egypt and Japan correlate to odd silences in countries that otherwise make large showings in server logs. But absent those connections, we can still contribute.

I’m sure there will be musical benefits; one such sound design project is being discussed at the monome forum. But as we as musicians and artists share one larger global community (this site alone registers visits from seven continents, and we’re English-only), here are good ways to give. All are in what I’ve been able to research efficient, generous, and well-respected organizations, and all equip themselves to handle not only these most recent events, but unexpected crises around the world. I’ll be giving on CDM’s behalf.

International Rescue Committee
Global Giving
American Red Cross | International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Tech writer Rick Martin has compiled an excellent list of ways to give sorted by where you are in the world.

Updated: See also the record label 12k online shop who are giving 100% of profits (and are themselves supporters of Japanese music), and, in turn, their beneficiary Japan Society’s relief fund

It’s easy for the other things we do to seem meaningless in the face of tragedy, but I believe that part of why we share with each other, commercially and culturally, with music and with tools, is because it is a gift to do so, to be part of a greater community of people. Wherever you are in the world, I can’t thank you enough for that.

  • Hi Peter,
    about musical benefits you're talking about, the same day the disaster happened I made a track, a tribute to Japanese people.
    I'm trying to share it around the world, it's a "gift" to wish they all the luck needed to survive at this catastrophe.
    All this translated in music.

    This is the link:&nbsp ;http://needaname.bandcamp.com/track/afterquake-to-japan
    and YouTube:&nbsp ;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETQSDmOxkh0

    To Japanese people:


  • You're right peter, we're lucky guys and we have to appreciate each moment ( not so easy ) I'm really sad for all those events and i hope the worst is passed for Japan.
    Thanks for your post

  • Human Plague

    I was supposed to leave tomorrow to visit my in-laws in Sapporo so they could meet our baby daughter. They are OK, but the trip has obviously been postponed. My wife watches the news frantically. Good luck Japan.

  • Very sad things…

    (Hey Nay-Seven it's ouide!!!! nice to see u here so many years!)

  • Theta_Frost

    There is a 8-bit compilation being planned to benefit Japan. My heart goes out to them!

  • rip japan. my thoughts go out to you.

  • goofypriest

    i'm in tokyo. it was scary here but nothing compared to the trouble up north. our biggest concern in tokyo is the meltdown threat.

    japan is a rich country but it needs help.

  • Starting today, and continuing through the month of March, 12k will be donating all profits from sales in their online shop to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund recently set up by New York's Japan Society.

    Great opportunity to pick up some amazing releases and support the relief effort


  • dyscode

    as goofypriest said:
    it´s quiet in Tokyo, few trains are running an some food is sold out. But Water, Gas, Electricity & Internet are still there, and OK.
    Planned electricity outages are expected.

    Sendai and the North of Japan is a mess, though and it´s still cold up there. I feel for them.

    In the next days we expect a friend´s friend who escaped from Sendai to host him.
    At least something we can actively do, besides using less electricity.

  • "It’s easy for the other things we do to seem meaningless in the face of tragedy, but I believe that part of why we share with each other, commercially and culturally, with music and with tools, is because it is a gift to do so, to be part of a greater community of people."

    Thank you. I think i'm going to print this and hang it on a wall in my studio. Moments like this makes you question the purpose of what we're doing, as one feels pretty insignificant facing the scope of such events. But there IS a purpose in the act of creating and communicating, as you say.

  • I decided to donate as well. ALL money that goes through my store (http://store.sevenoi.com) will go to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. So the amount you buy for will go to them. I won't be subtracting any shipping fees or anything from that either. The people of Japan have been very good to me, it's the least I can do to help them.

  • Peter Kirn

    I should add, I think there's also value in giving to the larger discretionary funds so that these organizations can prioritize around the world based on need. And you'll see that, for instance, Red Cross in the US will defer to what Red Cross Japan tells them they need. The three organizations I called out (IRC, Red Cross, and Global Giving) are all really efficient in that a small investment in administration allows huge giving directly to areas of need. Obviously, they want you to have the choice of giving explicitly to Japan, and they provide that option, but it can also be useful to give to the larger program and let them distribute their resources in the best way they can.

  • Peter Kirn

    @dyscode / @goofypriest – great to hear from you, and glad you're okay! Keep us posted.

    Yes, using less electricity – realizing the profound irony of me writing this on this site – is something we can all do, all the time. Here in NYC, we're also fed by a nuclear power plant, almost the same distance as the one in Tokyo.

    More resources for giving in The Guardian (especially useful if you're in the UK, but relevant everywhere else):

  • Seth


    Hibernate Recordings, a phenomenal label with several Japanese artists on its roster, is donating all profits through 24 March to Save The Children's earthquake and tsunami fund.

  • Seth

    *the donations last through 28 March, I'm sorry.

  • dyscode

    Here is an official NHK ustream with english translation.
    Since the outside Media are only to (be able to) cover a fraction of the events and consequently only pick the ´cherries´.


    and thanks for the intl. nuclear watchdogs. No cover up like in Tchernobyl in 86 or other incendents.

  • Been following the news. It seems that the situation gets harder and harder by the day. 

    Im praying for you guys in Japan. 

    Here is a link to my latest album that donates 100% to Japan: ctplr.bandcamp.com


  • goofypriest

    the news here, despite the rare glimmer of hope, gets worse everyday. i have decided to get my family back to new york.

    we were able to book a flight for 3/19.

    i think many people are canceling unnecessary travel plans in both directions.