Prefuse 73 at work; photo (CC-BY-SA) Claudio Ruiz.

Sonically rich, thickly layered with texture, crackles, and low end, the upcoming full-length by Prefuse 73 nonetheless promises a focus on songwriting and vocals. That could make it a highlight of the year – whereas dense production can often render singers almost decorative, early samples of the new work suggest the singers step up.

Prefuse 73, aka Guillermo Scott Herren, certainly has the resume. Here, he’s joined by a string of female vocalists (presumably represented by the mandala of naked ladies on the cover and the title), “The Only She Chapters.” The likes of Zola Jesus, Nico Turner, Adron, Faidherbe, Niki Randa, and Broadcast’s late Trish Keenan are onboard.

Warp Records has a release for late next month, but it’s worth mentioning now is you can grab a stunning, moodily soulful track by My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden. It sounds imaginative and different, packed with indie cred, yes, but also something adventurous. And there’s still the kind of bass and electronic production you’d expect of a friend of The Gaslamp Killer.

Prefuse 73 ‘The Only She Chapters’ Album Sampler by Warp Records

I imagine some out there won’t like this, but I don’t care; I think Worden’s voice is fantastic.

More details at Warp Records:
Prefuse 73: New album ‘The Only She Chapters’ out in April – listen to sampler

  • Shara Worden is on my top 5 vocalists list. awesome. I found out about her by accident many years back when she was in the band awry, but opening all by herself for pedro the lion in madision, WI. my friends and I all fell madly in love. The Edith Piaf medley she does eclipses even Jeff Buckley's (imHo). I do vocal warm ups with shara's version actually. 

    check out 'quiet b sides' by awry if you're a fan of my brightest diamond/shara worden (if you can find it). 

  • Bendish

    Prefuse fell off on the last few albums…somewhat eclipsed by the glitch hop and wonky ting he helped to pioneer…the breathy female vocals never really did it for me…much preferred the more boom bap ish he used to bump…he sure made some bangers back in the early 00s especially within rappers like doom.
    I always tended towards machine drum in terms of enjoyment…prefuse seemed more serious and concerned with attempting to recapture whatever charm sun ra had in terms of free jazz….
    We shall see with this one 🙂

  • H

    Great, another album where a "woman" goes out of their way to sing like a 5 year old child.

  • I always look forward to hear what he's up too.

    One word extinguisher is such an amazing album. I know it';s old but still his best I think, so quirky and imaginative. 

  • Really digging this sampler.  I'm not much into Prefuse 73's earlier stuff, but then I have a low tolerance for rap.

  • mda

    sounds pretty much like what he has been doing for over 4-5 albums with his side project savath & savalas.
    listenable and enjoyable nonetheless

  • databot

    I wonder if musicians cease to stop being enjoyable because they cease to be relevant? 

    There's a lot to be said for breakthrough albums.

  • s ford

    Great to see Prefuse73 mentioned here.  If it wasn't for his first album, I don't think a lot of stuff like Flying Lotus would have happened. 

    He doesn't get the credit he deserves… 

  • Dong

    Seen him at Sonar 2003. Shit was mad fly, yo. Ain't no foolin'.