Juergen Koppmann, Vienna-based digital media artist, shares his latest creation – “a video shredder live VJ box” that applies horizontal oscillations to “grind” and distort video signals. Specs:

3 horizontal line oscillators, triggered by 3 arcade buttons
all 3 can be combined for line and color grinding of any video input signal.
additionally voltage reducer from 9Volt (intern battery) down to 4,8Volt for more [destructive] artefacts.

It’s a sort of video circuit bend, and it produces some really beautiful results. (At least I know I want one.) More samples below.

These are just first tests; the box remains in development, and I hope we get to follow it. It seems ingeniously simple, and while they’re distortion effects, the results are expressive. You can find Juergen’s work on his Electric STUNT Etsy store, which at the moment includes circuit bending sound projects, but which he says will eventually be the marketplace for this wonder.

And you can keep tabs on this project’s evolution – along with other inspiration – at his Posterous site:

Future samples should actually look better than this, he says – he had only a Panasonic mixer for input, a 7″ monitor for output, and an inexpensive camera for capture. He says he’ll shoot some more footage with better-quality input and capture. I also asked if we might see this as an open source hardware project – it seems ripe for modification – and he was potentially interested in sharing the development process, he says.

Stay tuned for more.

  • Simulcast

    Nice work…is that Dr Katz on the box? πŸ™‚

  • r4f0

    Great, oldskul funny stuff

  • stunt

    i needed something to got a reason for using my lovely, old VHS tapes again πŸ˜‰

    old VHS footage through this box captured with another recorder on VHS, again and again…..that would give a lot of nice VJ loops.

    make future stuff with things from the past!


    show me ONE plug in that can produce this kind of effect ;-))

  • bilderbuchi

    do you know karl klomp? if not, check him out: http://www.karlklomp.nl/ you're gonna love it.

  • stunt

    yep, i found his site a few years ago. this is the reason why i choosed this filming perspective for the first demoshot where you see the machine and what it does if you turn the knobs.

    "karl klomp signature perspective" πŸ˜‰

  • This is awesome. I am all for the idea of video/circuit bending. This would be great for live shows especially if it becomes more developed and advanced to possibly run a couple of different live video feeds through one box and then split/splice them all together at one. Something like BLACK DICE's video for KOKOMO came to mind,&nbsp ;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9WSNMKf_Vw
    but maybe a little more geometric like these test videos show.

  • Please keep me in the loop.

  • massta

    Video bending is great. Just wish it was at least Component HD. I guess that is something this type of hardware can't do. Does anyone know of an DVI bender? Oh yeah, this one is:

    • waffelz

      theres some interesting work going on utilizing vga to bend but sadly noone seems willing to share much information. i dont blame them but FUCK ME i'd like a bit more knowledge before i start messing with the circuitry of not battery powered gear πŸ˜‰

  • zbdba546