Readers have spoken, and it seems recent outings by Brian Eno can be a bit divisive. (Okay, I’ll admit – I wasn’t at all fond of Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, as a huge fan of Byrne and Eno.)

But Eno isn’t the only English musical legend who … cough … might make fans long for the earlier stuff. See video explanation above.

Music is, of course, taste – part of why we enjoy it is that it is emotional and not objective or (gasp) entirely quantitative.

So, to me, there’s not a moment of the above BBC Web-only comedy sketch that isn’t brilliant. Of course, you’re welcome to disagree. I might just have to ask you to leave.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to frame my exclusive artwork from King of Limbs and put the vinyl edition on the phonograph, after connecting my gold-plated cables. You just can’t hear it at all, otherwise. Who said “hero worship”? SHUT UP! OUT!

(quiet voice in the back … “well … i rather liked … king of limbs…”)

Via Myles Ashley Borins.

  • wiliam

    good to see some lighthearted stuff on here from time to time, along with the trademark in-depth, stimulating stuff. keep up the good work, peter!

  • FreakWithoutACause

    I bought King of Limbs and listened to it over and over again…and I think I need to join this group. (struggles valiantly to hold back tears)…Don't look at me…

  • Mister Snnnrub

    Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I could use a support group like this in my neighborhood for a lot of stuff that's out there now….cough….Autechre.

  • @MisterSnnnurb: GET OUT!!

  • It's funny how some people don't like recent AE albums, and I do like everything from Incunabula to Move Of Ten, and Thom Yorke likes AE and AE don't like Radiohead, and I don't like Radiohead, but I like Kid A, and I do think OK Computer is overrated too.

  • mdk

    funny that.

    i dont like *any* radiohead. thought incunabula was pretty good at the time. didnt like any AE after that.

    guess im just a hater at heart 😀

  • Mister Snnnrub

    @cooptrol: ha ha….did I just cross the line at the Autechre support group 🙂

    They're still one of my favorites of all time. Incunabula through Confield is where it's at for me. It's all good, I understand that an artist needs to grow and try different things, and it's going to be impossible to please everyone. I just miss the way Autechre use to tell stories with their melodies and harmonies in combination with their sound design skills. Same way I feel about Radioheads song writing not telling me much of musical story these days. Oh well, life goes on.

  • ab

    Ok computer is greatly overrated, i like it a lot, but i prefer everything they have released after Ok computer.And i really really dont like the bends and pablo honey… 

  • Aaron

    One of the underlying jokes in this video is that everyone in that room jumped on the bandwagon album, OK Computer, and didn't like anything after or – as it's revealed when they kick the newcomer out – before.

  • dood

    I guess we all have our preferences, as do the artists who create. Too much of the same thing gets boring.

    Personally I love all of their album's not every song though. I also cannot help but wonder that since the successful (with a somewhat pop appeal) release of In Rainbows, King of limbs is like a retaliation to that.

    Loved the video btw, I was preparing to hate it but couldn't help but laugh.

  • Random Chance

    OK Computer had some good songs, so did the other two albums that came before, but only afterwards did Radiohead come into their own musically, I think. Some of the sounds used sounded pretty stale even then, but overall I still ike Kid A or Amnesiac or Hail to the Thief.

  • I actually could use a real therapy group for the confrontation I had over Radiohead's change of sound by Kid A. Back when I was talking to folks about joining bands, literally after discussing a newly released Kid A, some dude called me back just to cuss me out for defending the album! Now I realize he just needed a peer support group. I had argued that I liked how digital and detached the sound got-it was like a bad trip of psychedelia, but only using digital, not analog studio techniques. Like a follow up of Pink Floyd's Meddle or Animals done with the counterpart trippy stuff of the digital realm. If this guy had kept an open mind about it, I might have come around to share with him that I was less moved by the album, didn't enjoy it per se, but could at least puzzle over it. I literally had to block my calls, this guy was so incensed. Along with this nut job in the back of my mind, that trilogy of bleak albums and  others since, have weened me off Radiohead. 

  • For the record, I enjoyed the last Byrne/Eno album, and that Byrne tour kicked butt!

  • newgreyarea

    I think OK Computer needs to be viewed as a "time and place" kinda album. Look at the amount of crap that was being put out at that time, then Radiohead drop that thing. They were just another alt rock band and the first single was 7+ minutes of non verse/chorus goodness. It made me give a shit about a rock band again. 
    New one sucks. I tried. I really did. As a long time fan, I kinda

  • utm

    @Mister Snnnrub: Hear, hear!@Delirium Dog: True that!In fairness to the artists, if I love something on first listen – that's great, but sometimes it takes repeated listenings and/or exposure to the artist's ideas and thought process through criticism or interviews. Eno's work tends to age really well, give his new stuff (or for that matter Radiohead) 30 years and you might change your mind. It's not that an artist's back catalog is any better, you just have a lot more invested in it.

  • Charlie Lesoine

    King of lims seems pretty similar to in rainbows melodically. His singing has similar hooks as some songs from in rainbows. I feel that while the instrumentation remains nuanced, the songwriting has become a little more simplistic compared to their masterpieces off ok computer. And it seems like Thom thinks that is a good thing. I don't connect with it emotionally. It feels like the sequel to In Rainbows much the same way that Amnesiac was the sequel to Kid A. I really liked in rainbows and this one is growing on me, but it feels really lopsided.

  • good thing he wasn't like me: i thought that the easy all stars reggae/dub cover album was better than any of the originals 🙂

  • Aaron

    I would appreciate less falsetto. The more albums they release, the more falsetto seems to dominate the vocal styling throughout the album. I like it, but as the primary voice I tend to get wore out.

  • I guess I'll be the one voice that unabashedly loves TKOL. And I like to think i'm not just a fanboy – the 2 new tracks (b-sides, really) they just released are totally forgettable.

    TKOL still does for me what every Radiohead album has done in some way (except PH). i find myself coming back to listen to it over and over again, hearing new details each time (the birds chirping in Bloom, for example), and it seems to be on whenever i'm having "important" conversations with friends. It has the same profundity as their old stuff, but it's all balanced by a sense of humor that's been growing in their music since In Rainbows. 

    If they ever start to suck, I'll be the first to admit it. Hasn't happened yet, at least for me.

  • I absolutely love TKOL at this point, too. At first I wasn't so sure, but then after a month or two away from it, now when I listen to it I feel like it's filling some hole in my brain that I didn't realize was there.

    Everything except Pablo Honey FTW.

  • DDDD

    I have always respected Radiohead but never considered myself a big fan. I have given all of their albums a fair chance but so far I am absolutely in love with King of Limbs. It is the first album I have really enjoyed beginning to end in a long time (by any artist period).

  • DDDD

    I also wanted add that I feel like they are on this path of mastering something musically. Every song had just enough elements… almost minimal in the true artform sense (not simple, just having what was needed) yet there is little repetition or room to get bored.
    The best artists make it seem easy and this album feels totally natural… makes me wish I was in a band that had developed this kind of synergy.

  • The King of Limbs is the first Radiohead album I've been totally amazed by.  I think it's beautiful,  a bit challenging, and if nothing else, a nod to the underground from one of the most successful bands of our time.  Sure it's not an album that will be cherished for generations, however I think there is a portion of the record buying public that I think this really spoke to, myself included.   I would think that the average musically obsessed, computer musician, bedroom dj, or producer (or wannabe) would at least appreciate the album for it's artistic direction.   A sign of the times maybe?