Steinways in a row. One example of how pianos can be tough to model: the distinctive Steinway treble “sparkle.” Photo (CC-BY-ND) mypouss.

For something with a row of keys, the piano can prove surprisingly hard to model perfectly. But computer software, blessed with lavish storage space for samples and now-ample processing power, has a decided edge. There are lots of good sampled pianos, but two products have really impressed me above the others: Synthogy’s Ivory and Pianoteq’s modeled instruments.

After years of waiting, Ivory II is now here, and my friend and colleague Steve Fortner, at the helm of Keyboard Magazine, reviews the new version. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in the digital piano:
Synthogy Ivory II Grands

Sympathetic resonance is a feature that to me really separates the experience of a real piano from a simulated one, and that’s what gets attention here. Steve writes:

Ivory II adds sympathetic resonance to the sustain resonance and soundboard choices of Ivory 1.x. What’s more compelling is how Synthogy does it. Not satisfied with mixing in samples of strings ringing out, they precisely modeled the physics of which vibrations cause which. So, you don’t hear merely the correct notes singing in sympathy, but the correct harmonics of those notes. The result is the most realistic and musical emulation we’ve ever heard of the complex acoustical world beneath the piano lid. Of course, you can adjust it to taste.

It’s no substitute for the physical sensation of being at a piano – its hammer apparatus, the way it responds, the sound emanating from the soundboard – but the sound result is tremendous. Listen to the samples on SoundCloud:

03-2011 Synthogy Ivory II by KeyboardMag

I’ll also put in a quick plug for Pianoteq again. Because I still love the real piano, I absolutely adore the fact that Pianoteq feels different, responds in ways that make the computer seem it’s alive. For sound design aficionados, Pianoteq also earns extra marks for its many unique add-ons – most recently, the Clavinet joined historic add-ons back through the centuries. They even have a Cimbalom. And Pianoteq is very, very easy on systems because of its use of modeling over sampling.

But for sound results, it’s going to be tough to top Ivory II. I would, honestly, choose both if I were serious about playing. And I’d have a hard time saying any hardware could really match these software instruments.

  • I have never seen any other VST/AU that could match the sound of Ivory. It's sound it's just so clean and pure. But u're right Peter, ivory is more on sampling, with a HUGE library i might add (same goes for the expansion packs). Rather then sampling modelling is an interesting alternative, but i wouldn't go for it. My results would sound daft in the mere attempt to get a good piano sound :/

  • Andy

    This Pianoteq thing sounds like a synthesized piano. Not a big fail, but also not a real success in simulating the real thing. Concerning Ivory II: yes, it sounds good, however, I prefer the Galaxy II pianos because I think they sound even a bit warmer. And they have sympathetic resonance for quite a while.

  • synthetic

    The Bosendorfer sample has a weird envelope. The chords from 0:16 to 0:21, for example, sound like they suddenly get softer after the attack. 

    p.s. Gigastudio was doing piano resonance in 2004

  • Peter Kirn

    I believe the implementation here is different. It certainly sounds good. But a broader comparison would be nice – with Ivory II in, it's probably time for a new shootout.

  • Jeffrey

    it's very nice to me. but after paying $350 for the VST, to then have to shell out another $50 for a stupid ilok key…WTF is that? I bought my JupiterV and it had it's key inside the package…didn't have to pay extra for it at all.

  • flip

    My favorite piano sounds for composing come from East West's "Quantum Leap Pianos". Mind blowing detail at all three mic positions. However, the patches are huge and can take a while to load.  All the more reason to go SSD.  

  • MST2000

    I'd suggest that although the large sample libraries give a greater sonic impression of the real deal at any particular point… an attack, or sustain, release, etc.  A modeled instrument, like Pianoteq, is a much more "playable" instrument giving the performer the sensation that a forte is their own forte, a pianissimo their own pianissimo, and much greater resolution of everything in between, including graduated changes in tone that accompany the way one digs into the instrument.  So, for now, it's a toss up.  Greater playing experience and musical results, or sounds more like a particular acoustic piano.  Surely it will be the advances in modeling that ultimately give us what we're all after.  Until then, perhaps the hybrid is currently the best solution.

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