Okay, I’m not sure the computers can break a sweat (at least not without some serious consequences). But all the people projection-mapping generatively sequencing live audiovisualism electronic thingamabops sure are working hard in the above teaser video for Amon Tobin’s live ‘ISAM’ show. Not a lot of cities get to see the results, but those that do are promised a fully-immersive experience of this sound design extravaganza, complete with new sensory happenings for your eyeballs.

It’s live. It’s audiovisual. It’s not, says Ninja Tune, “DJ-centric.” Amen, brother.

The dates:

1st June – MUTEK, Montreal
9th June – Astra, Berlin
10th June – AB, Brussels
15th June – Melkweg, Amsterdam
17th June – Roundhouse, London

The collaborators:
Blasthaus, San Francisco-based live collective
VSquared Labs, virtuoso visual lab in LA founded by Vello E Virkhaus
Vita Motus Design, another event design shop (not sure about their specific contribution here)
Leviathan and “others” are involved, too.

Another preview, below, features the arresting photography of Tessa Farma’s organic sculptures, though you’ll have to guess at how this work – featured in a touring gallery show – will be interwoven with the motion materials. But whatever’s happening, the ambitions here are compelling.


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  • Jeffrey

    5 dates is NOT a tour Amon. Let's get real when we say we are going to do a tour. And not even touching down on American soil…oh that's just so wrong.

  • Anybody know what video software is used in the first video?

  • Peter Kirn

    @Jeffrey: It's way harder to tour this kind of show. As for the lack of a US date, that may be the lack of a US *venue*. Ahem.

  • Peter Kirn

    @Thomas: I think it's TouchDesigner, by Derivative.


    Could be wrong, though — I'll try to get some details from the creative team!

  • deb

    yes, peter, it is Touch. Go Toronto!

  • shim

    amon, i wish you would dance more. actually, i just wanna know if this is gonna be in surround and where's the cup holder at?
    YEAH Touch!!!!

  • h

    isam is really boring

  • @h: I thought so too at first, but it really is wonderful and has a lot of depth. And the book it comes in (with Tessa Farmer's work) is just gorgeous!

  • Jeff Waye

    Hey… I'm one of the folks working on this tour.
    Don't despair US… we've got 5 shows booked for the fall on US soil… just not locked down 100% to be able to announce yet.

  • JrmyDny

    @Jeff Waye, is there any hope to see this fantastic set in Australia? Cheerio