Electronic musician, vocalist, and inventor Tim Exile is back; while the Google Doodle today of an interactive Les Paul inspired lots of people to invest some time fiddling and hacking, in Tim’s case, it inspired a whole song. And, to my knowledge, it’s the first time the homepage of Google got its own ode.

Bet the Googlers didn’t expect this response.

All of this serves as a serious reminder: sometimes simple and ubiquitous is good. It also shows the serious value of silliness. Here, here.

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  • Ha!  Awesome.  I had actually downloaded and edited all the guitar notes from Google today and started to compose something.  
    Then, within a few clicks I was distracted by something else and went on a long tangent…just like a Google search. 

  • Any idea which tools he's using to create the looping and the beatsplicing?

  • I was pleasantly surprised when that little guitar thing popped up on Google this morning. Had fun playing with it for a few minutes, but my first thought was "I wonder how many people are going to create songs from this." Nice stuff.

  • Bendish

    Such a child is Tim Exile. Awesome. Always looks like he's having fun. That jumper is a heinous example of fashion. Excellent.

  • Matt Jackson


    It's a custom Reaktor patch, but parts of it you can buy at NI as the Finger and Mouth.

  • yo

    No, finger and mouth are fx processors. To beat slice he uses another reaktor patch, cant remember it's name right now. there's a 'limited' version out there

  • Clayton

    His genius is easy to overlook if you're not into the sound. His knowledge and abilities from development to performance are a testament to his skill. Rare is the person who has such a deep understanding of music.

  • BeLLy

    Either way, gotta love Tim.
    And what Peter said.

  • greg

    . . . when "his genius is easy to overlook if you're not into the sound," it's not genius anymore.