No comment on this one: Amon Tobin ISAM looks to pull out all the stops, and the video says it all. Hope we can check in soon with more details. Also, a little birdie told me we may see some US dates, so since I missed getting to Montreal, there’s added hope CDM can get up close to the show for more.

Thanks, Nic Giebink, for the tip!

  • I had the chance to see it in montreal :
    Wow , completely mind blowing : non stop for 90 minutes
    The bar has trully been raised.

    here's a quick video i took :

    but the effect live was 10 times better.

  • Wow, so much nice stuff in there! Not sure what you mean by "live mapping" in the article title though – what's "live" about the mapping?

  • mr knock

    Yeah, gonna be there on thursday!

  • RW

    Is there a tutorial anywhere about getting started with projection mapping? 

  • Peter Kirn

    @Brendan: Heh, I was just tired when I wrote the headline. I'm not even sure what I was thinking. 🙂

    @mr knock: Let us know how it goes!

    @RW: We'll have to write one! Definitely on my list!

  • Thanks for blogging Peter! Just ordered my ticket for the show in Amsterdam, next Wensday!!!

  • TMAC

    What software are they using for the mapping? They use an ipad around 3:16min

  • as far as I know the show runs in TouchDesigner

  • mr knock

    Yep, you see TouchDesigner everywhere in the Trailer..

  • netchaiev

    I'll be there Saturday in Paris 😉

  • DieTapete

    Here is a great tutorial fpr mapping a building.. not really a "getting started" though. 😉

  • bea duBeix

    Here is a video tutorial of intro to 3d projection mapping (using After Effects and Photoshop) by Fader. Filmed in San Diego, CA at Media Arts Center when Fab Lab San Diego presented VJ 101 workshop with

  • brooklyn show anounced

    AMON TOBIN, ISAM Live Audio/Visual Show
    Brooklyn Masonic Temple Brooklyn, NY
    Tue, October 25, 2011 8:00 PM $27.50
    18 and Over