Photo courtesy Moog Music.

The earliest major analog electronic instrument meets laptop, as artist Dorit Chrysler demonstrates the power of her voice and musicianship in the Moog Sound Lab.

How it works:

To function as a one woman band, Dorit triggers a prerecorded backtrack on her laptop, adding vocals and theremin in real time. At her feet are a Moogerfooger MF-104Z Analog Delay and an Akai Head Rush looper that add layers of complexity to the sonic depth to her sound.

It’s an eminently practical rig, with the sort of gear you can really cherish rather than just dispose – and just the sort of live performance we’d love to see more often. Having just come off watching a night of intense live electronic performance at Philadelphia’s Saturn Never Sleeps (more documentation of that soon), seeing this makes me want to head into my own lab and do some serious practicing. There’s no technology quite like the human technology.

Moog Sound Lab: Dorit Chrysler

  • This is awesome. Reminds me a bit of Portishead.  The expression from such a simple setup is great.  

  • meh

    playing over backing tracks, is basically this

  • ouch.

  • This is awesome! The mix needs to be fixed badly (vocals too loud/dynamic, music too quiet). Either way, super awesome.

  • Jamie

    I think she's a great performer. The limited amount of recordings she has available are very good. 

    @Meh, I've got to disagree. A laptop or a drum machine/sampler used by a single performer should hardly be likened to Ashlee Simpson. 

  • Peter Kirn

    Actually, it's something of a challenge in backing tracks in that, if you've got a real song structure, you may not want to alter that structure a whole lot. I'd say live vocals and live Theremin make something sufficiently live, especially when we live in the age of the DJ. 😉 And she's added in both delay and looping. My only question really becomes – a question directed at myself as much as any other artist – is a laptop overkill once it's really a playback machine? It illustrates the utility of looper/samplers that can do really long one-shots, because then they can also do the backing tracks. (And yes, I'm saying that even as I run a site that largely advocates the computer as a tool; doesn't mean it has to be the tool for everything.) 

  • Peter Kirn

    I know the vast majority of people have responded well to her performance; it's because it made the rounds so quickly that people may not have hit the "like" buttons or formed a comment … criticism is always welcome, if it's specific and constructive. Ashlee Simpson comparison is a non-sequitur, not in any way a valid criticism. However, I will now aim to be compared to Ashlee Simpson at some point; I'd find that hilarious. 😉

  • zenzen

    Cool, but reminds me of Liquid Sky and the kind of stuff that was happening around then. Me and my rhythm box: