Preparing for a live gig. Photo (CC-BY) Jaymis Loveday, from whom we do hope to hear again on CDM.

Visualist. VJ. Live visuals. Visual performance. Live cinema. Whatever you call it, we want to know what you use. What’s on your screen when you boot your Mac, Windows, or Linux laptop — or iPad or PSP or Game Boy or … something else.

It’s time for a new, proper survey of Create Digital Motion readers and the wider community. The more results we get, the broader the picture of our scene we’ll see, so please, please, please spread this post to anyone you know who performs visuals live. (And if they don’t read Create Digital Motion, tell them we’ll buy them a beer if we see them or will be their best friend or something.)

Post your results by Monday, and we’ll share the data next week.

Direct link to survey:
CDM Visual App Census

Or fill out below (RSS readers may need to click through to the site):

  • TouchDesigner – hands down! Some of the people I know who use TouchDesigner to perform their visual feats (in front of large audiences) include: Richie Hawtin/Plastikman, Carsten Nicolai/Raster Noton, Mark Fell/SND, DJ Shadow with Ben Stokes, Peter Mettler, Greg Hermanovic, Markus Heckmann, Bryant CPU Place, Vello Virkhaus/ VSquared Labs – to name a few. The work they produce using this software tends to be revolutionary…

  • YO! Your poll is busted in some browsers. The iframe tag needs to be set to overflow:auto instead of overflow:hidden.
    Otherwise it will not scroll in Firefox and other browsers and is worthless.

  • Peter Kirn

    @marc: adjusted overflow code; thanks!

    But if anyone has trouble with the embedded version, just head to the direct link!

  • Will you post the results from the survey?
    In general, I think we would love to see survey results (even for older ones!).

  • Ummmm…. Isn't Jitter significant enough to make the list?

  • "We look forward to seeing the results – and we'll share the data publicly next week. "

    Sorry, missed that at first.

  • mitch

    Well we are given the "other" slot to fill out but I'd say Jitter should be in the shortlist.

  • Peter Kirn

    Oops. Jitter and (while I'm at it) GEM are now both in the list, as they should have been.

    For anything else, yes, use "Other" and you can fill it in. Those results will also be tabulated.

    Everything will be shared. 🙂

  • Pilgrim Pro 3D – R.I.P.
    It's a serious tragedy that Pilgrim software didn't reach a larger audience as it's feature set was (and still is) *far* ahead of the pack. Super efficent gpu rendering, audio analysis, full 3d w/ 3d editor, shader editor, amazing effects editor, HD Output, a behavior tool that allowed you to link any paramter (visual or audio) to anything you could want… since 2004.

  • Re: #1 Isabelle – You may be a bit personally biased with Touch Designer (!), but I have to agree with you – Touch is absolutely fantastic. While I'm not a Touch Mixxa user, I've had a peek at the new version and I like what I see!

  • No VJamm v1? Keep it old school.

  • Peter Kirn

    @lotech: That's what the "Other" field is for. 😉

  • V-module/vizzable trought maxforlive…

  • Avenue

  • how about 
    nonlinear modular code based visual software performance 
    video/graphic/pixel based visual performance?

    just screen based visual imagery Vrs's 
    both audio and visuals performed together

  • Would be good to see the results further broken down by professional vs hobbyist. We use Resolume 2.x for our club gigs but Avenue for events where we know what we will be playing (as opposed to just following where the DJ leads). We know other fulltime VJs who still use Res 2 even though they own Avenue as well.

  • rob

    there was loads of softwares missing from the list that deserved to be on there

  • george symington

    Anybody recommend a really good windows laptop for vjing?i want i-7 ,usb 3,ssd,budget abt 1000 ish.I use Avenue so 2gig graphics card would be best.Might go for a custom build….budget would be more like 1500 in that case but with I-7 26230 and 8gig ram,ssd….

  • Id like to see the ratio or relationship between gtaphic,animated and filmed frame/movie based performers/software Vrs's
    generated, reactive code/ software based performers/hardware setup.

    For me its the same thing as accoustic music vrs's electonic midi based music, both very relevant, both very different. Id like to know if the reactive shift Im seeing is a trend or new movement

  • mitch

    Any results?

  • Any results yet? Also, have you ever postet the results of plattform census? the&nbsp ;

  • There is something wrong with your comment system. I posted this and my prior comment on June the 28th and not June the 2nd…