Speaking of sound design, here’s a nice weekend diversion for you: “140 dB” is an experimental short film, combining sonic acrobatics with digitally-synthesized motion spectacle, that meditates on the “interaction between sound and physical bodies. The main idea is to show how sound can change objects form and structure including human mental state.”

Thanks to the flexibility and media-agnosticism of the computer, all the work – art direction, animation, and sound design – come from one person, Tadas Svilainis. It’s a tantalizing teaser; I’d love to see the idea expanded. Tadas, you’re one multi-talented maker.

Of course, as for the content, one man’s torture is apparently another man’s party. I can see a few friends seeing these kinds of sounds as a nice way to unwind. Richard Devine, looking at you.

Found via @TheFilmo and @SoundPlusDesign.

America, enjoy your 4th of July holiday weekend. (I’m in the Netherlands; hopefully I don’t create any fireworks of my own, like accidentally plugging in a non-universal power adapter… again.)

  • Jamsire Ernoir


  • Hee Peter!
    Where are you in the Netherlands!
    If you are near Haarlem, mail me at robbek(at)paekt.com

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  • Jim Aikin

    Fear, paranoia, and mental breakdown. Naming no names, but somebody has been reading the headlines again.

    I do realize that we did the same alienated vibe when I was 19 — thinking of Mick Jagger singing, "Here comes your 19th nervous breakdown." Personally, my musical goal is to find the space about halfway between that soundtrack and Jean-Michel Jarre.

  • Seems like someone's watched Chris Cunningham's Flex and Rubber Johnny too many times… yawn. 

  • stk

    Awesome work. Haters will always hate when they can do no better themselves, but this is some top-notch audio & visual design.

  • Nicccee one! I'm keen to see more.
    Completely agreed stk

  • Brian stevens

    Excellent graphics, excellent sounds, great editing. Form is impeccable.

  • Brian stevens

    Why does everybody else get a cute drawing and my darn face is posted ?

  • jatm

    this looks like a cluster fuck. the whole blast of distorted noise that's in like every horror movie trailer is just annoying and cliche at this point. 

  • Nice style and colors!

  • Evelon

    Awesome stuff! Agree on the Cunningham reference, but still kicks ass!