Apologies for the marketing video, but the technology here looks compelling. Using multi-angle capture, phone camera tech vendor Scalado presents an impressively-seamless illusion of “3D image” on mobiles. There’s definitely potential here, and while I suspect Scalado won’t be the only entrant in this arena, their demos and SDK look like they could be serious contenders. Scalado’s tech, they say, is already in more than 900 million handsets. Their current SDK has tons of eye candy and power:

Face Detection
Face Tracking Auto Focus
Smile Detection for better capturing
Blink Detection for avoiding capturing of closed eyes
Burst Capturing with full resolution and preview
Real-time effects in Camera Viewfinder
Creative image compositing and blending
Date & Time stamp
Image resizing for sharing
Image Crop & Rotate
Lossless rotate of photos
Exif Support
SpeedTags™ Codec for 15 fps full resolution decoding
SpeedView™ meta creation
Megapixel Panorama

I’d keep my eyes peeled for more consumer applications.


  • From the looks of it, this just captures a fast sequence of images that when flipped through look as if the image is being 'rotated', not unlike product '3d views' on the internet.

  • Juno

    Even so, just steadying and aligning the images takes a lot of work.

    It's a bit like Sony cameras' 3D sweep function.

  • Scalado copies everything they do from Microsoft. They copy group shot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Group_Shot, now they copy this http://www.technologyreview.com/video/?vid=680

  • yeahh get a grip bigred! Microsoft is not really the one to follow in imaging. Doing Multiangle and Rewind in full resolution is something that microsoft dont have, and its not microsoft who whas the patents. Talking about micosoft their sea dragon is cool, but scalado can do the same thing on an ordinary mobile phone. 

  • Kinda neat…will contribute well to the flagging retail industry in Oz- ladies need to buy more shoes…and not from the Internetz.
    Been tinkering with the LG Optimus P920 3D phone this week- records stereoscopic vid 3D 720p@30fps (2d 1080p@30fps) with dual 5 MP cams, (2560х1920.) 4.3' 3D LCD capacitive touchscreen- looks orright, micro HDMI output (yet to test on Bravia KDL 46EX720.) Sucks alotta power, but neat toy.

  • bigred

    @mikez – did you follow the links that I posted. Just because my post doesn't fit your anti-MS worldview doesn't mean it's inaccurate. Oh and Seadragon for the phone – MS did that too: http://gizmodo.com/5109658/seadragon-mobile-micro