In the latest example of kinetic, sound-producing sculpture, an Arduino-controlled organ of moving cans makes eerie, beautiful descending noises. Jakub Koźniewski, a member of the panGenerator collective, sends in details of that group’s work, sponsored in this case by the stuff in the cans:

Kinetic audiovisual installation for burn
displayed during burn Selector Festival 2011

Movement of the cans is controlled by 9 independent servos connected to the Arduino board while the sound is purely analogue – air pumped by 9 ordinary mattress pumps blows into the “whistles” at the top of plexiglass pipes. Tone is modulated by the current position of the can.

Lots of soldering, gluing, screwing, cutting and coding 🙂

Worth viewing as it sounds really terrific; I’d love to hear it in person. The additional music bed is nice, as well: it’s Krzysztof Zimmermann, from the label Few Quiet People.

Thanks, Jakub!

  • Very cool sounds, and great idea!  I've thought about something like that before, very cool to see a real life implementation.

  • lockie

    Boring energy drink advert, red bull did the whole support the underground thing ages ago, this just comes across as a bit business marketing meeting "look at what red bull does lets copy that"…