From Austin, Texas, a bit of a haven for brilliant custom sound hardware, comes this epic-looking MIDI controller by Mad Zach, the SR MixControl. Covered in blinding super-bright LEDs, and with an absurdly-thorough complement of sliders, knobs, and arcade buttons, it looks as thought it’d be right at home on your evil flying saucer or Mad Max Interceptor.

Here’s what the makers have to say about it in their sales pitch:

The SR MixControl is a highly versatile mix-minded controller designed and built custom for Simon Rodgers of Victoria, Australia. It features high quality black concave arcade buttons, super bright red LED’s, sliders, spring buttons, and super smooth knobs. Tying it all together is custom artwork from Clay Chollar. This controller also integrates an elegant programmer application that enables complex LED functionality and innovative preset memory.

Mad Zach is also running his own custom shop, one of a handful of places that do custom MIDI controllers. I’ll be interested to hear how that business goes. In the case of, they will work with any combination of sliders and knobs, buttons, switches, touch strips, and LEDs, and add hardwood, aluminum, and acrylic cases along with airbrushed and screenprinted graphics.

More on that:

I usually hear from the makers, but if you’re a reader who commissions something lovely like this, we all hate and envy you we’d love to hear from you and see what you’ve done.

And Austin, what’s your secret?

I’m betting the tacos.

Updated: Livid Instruments confirms the guts of the hardware is their DIY Series, the Builder, including 2 “Brain” boards.

  • m4thlab

    Are those faders motorized?

  • stk

    MIDIBox inside?

  • I have heard tales of hermit who lives in the hood, who is also doing this… except he can't be contacted by strangers… serious. I think its cuz he is *gasp* using MIDIbox inside..

  • Peter Kirn

    Actually, Livid confirms that this, not the MIDIBox, is what's inside:

  • hmm..i'm not trying to be a hater, but it doesn't seem to have much beyond what most custom midi controllers have.  and the leds and the paint-job are…well…let's just say it's not my taste.  i also don't have 20" rims and a huge spoiler on my Evo.  but hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, innit?

    so what are its dimensions? The video doesn't give much away. it looks enormous.  I suppose if you're gigging and have a couple turntables, your laptop, an interface and a nice table to put it on, it won't make a difference, but i'd say this is for DJs with a car, not a metropass.

  • Peter Kirn

    @Justin: Nope, that seems likely. It's oversized and glammed up, but that's cool, too. I'm definitely of the "fits on an underground" school … in fact, that may be a good future story topic!

  • Peter Kirn

    Let me make it even more extreme: "fits under the easyJet / Ryanair weight restriction."

    Then you start counting ounces. 😉

  • i have a monome. i like the aesthetic.  i'm not fond of livid's look since it's someplace between monome and korg.  but i think it would be nice for some "retro" devices and by retro i mean not just arcade buttons, but some laminate with arcade lettering (maybe some neon green with yellow orange).  Or maybe head back to "ghetto-blaster" with lots of chromed plastic and grills.  i'd totally get behind a line like that.  but i don't dig half-way attempts.  it has to be the full-monty of retro design.  and i certainly don't want faux-aged ed hardy nonsense.  I'll put the nicks and dings in my gear all by myself, thank you.

  • to add to that: I always thought the MS2000 (in that strange aqua green) did a good job of looking retro. 

  • Jay

    The idea behind custom midi is exactly what it says, custom. People e-mail with inquiries about what they want, down to the very design of it. The business itself does not decide the aesthetics, sizes, design job, or components. The customer gets full creative control over the features, functionality, size, components, dimensions, and style. So when you get caught up in the look of it, remember that it isn't the companies design style. You can pick ultimately anything, design, features, LEDS, sliders, colors, knobs, buttons, touch strips, in any style you want. They are just there to build what you want to satisfy your needs and style. Great thing about custom made!